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From the beginning of 2023, the county council will be responsible for organising social welfare and healthcare services as well as rescue services in wellbeing services counties. The key objective of the wellbeing services counties established in the health and social services reform (Sote) is to ensure equal, high-quality and accessible basic services throughout Finland.

Your voice has a direct impact on a functioning everyday life. Your representatives will decide on local services, such as the operation of the centres for social and healthcare services, disability services, elderly services and rescue services.

Functions and activities of the county council

A county council is the highest decision-making body in the wellbeing services county. The county council decides what kind of services will be provided in the area, from the first moment to the last stages of our lives. The county council is responsible for introducing the best and most effective practices, which will benefit the entire wellbeing services county.

The objectives of the county council are, among other things, to decide:

  • the strategies of the wellbeing services county and the social welfare and healthcare       services
  • the level of service in the rescue services
  • the budget and financial plan of the wellbeing services county
  • operational and financial objectives
  • service and customer charges and their general basis

The county council also elects the members of the county government. The county council manages the operations, administration and finances of the wellbeing services county.

In the first county elections, 59 delegates will be elected for Ostrobothnia. The council’s term of office is four years.

Conducting county elections

The first county elections were held as a separate election on Sunday, 23 January, 2022. From 2025 onwards, the county elections will be held at the same time as municipal elections.

The open list proposal electoral system is applied  in county elections in the same way as in municipal elections. The proportional electoral system means that a political party receives a number of seats in the county council that is proportional to the number of votes it receives it relation to the electorate.


In county elections, the constituency is a wellbeing services county. Candidates are nominated for the entire Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia; voters can only vote for the candidates standing for election in their own wellbeing services county, and the results are calculated separately for each county.