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The H-building includes, among other things, a health centre, i.e. nurses’ and doctors’ offices. Under the same roof, you will also find specialist healthcare receptions, outpatient clinics and care wards as well as social welfare services.

Moving schedule

The services will move to the H-house in stages. The first services will move at the end of 2022.

Health center and Tammikartano wards13.12.2022
Dialysis, compensation treatment and A3, T2 ja T3 wardsFebruary 2023
More treatment wards as well as specialized medical care outpatient clinics and a procedure unitMarch 2023

Psychiatry outpatient clinic, pulmonary and neurological outpatient clinic, psychosocial outpatient treatment and rehabilitation, Horisontti
Spring 2023
Psychiatric treatment wards21.-28.3.2023

Map of the hospital-area

Kuvassa on kartta Hietalahden sairaala-alueesta. Muut rakennukset ovat vihreitä, H-talo on sininen. Pääsisäänkäynti on merkitty punaisella pallolla.

How to manage things in the H-building


Our services are handled by appointment. You can make an appointment for the nurses’ and doctors’ offices via our customer service centre, tel. 06 218 9000. Our experts assess your need for care and how urgently it is needed. Specialist healthcare services, on the other hand, require a referral or a care relationship. Contact details for our units and services can be found on our website.


There is both a parking garage and parking areas in the vicinity of the H-building. In front of the main door, you can drop off passengers and continue with the vehicle to the parking area. The parking areas also have places for people with reduced mobility (disabled parking spaces). You can get to the Central Hospital area with local buses 1, 4, 5, 7 and 7K. There are also plenty of bicycle parking spaces near the entrances.


You can register for your visit either with a mobile device or with a registration machine. To register with the machine, you need a Kela card, driver’s licence or invitation letter.

After registering, the machine or mobile device will tell you which floor and room you will go to. In some services, you can get a personal ID band from the registration machine, which you should fasten around your wrist.

Service advisors

Our service advisors are available in the main entrance every weekday from 07:00–15:00 to help you with your visit.


You can visit your loved one being cared for in a ward in the H-building between 13:00–19:00. More detailed information about visits and non-standard visiting times is available in our wards.

Other services

There is a restaurant on the third floor of the H-building, which serves both food and cafe products.

There is a cafe in the entrance hall.

There is a pharmacy on the first floor, which can be accessed directly from the H-building. Use the entrance next to the main door of the central hospital’s T-building if you are not an H-building customer.

What can be found in the H house?

  • Approximately 326,000 customer visits per year
  • Primary care nurse’s and doctor’s office/health center
  • Orthopedic outpatient clinic
  • Internal medicine outpatient clinic
  • Surgery outpatient clinic
  • Scopy unit
  • Procedure unit
  • Wound care, foot care
  • Pulmonary clinic
  • Neurological outpatient clinic
  • Surgical treatment department
  • Department of special geriatric care
  • Treatment department for demanding rehabilitation
  • Department of Internal Medicine and Neurology
  • Cancer treatment department
  • Dialysis
  • Mental health services
  • Psychiatry treatment departments
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Replacement treatment
  • Teaching clinic
  • Service advice
  • Customer pharmacy
  • Spaces for associations and volunteers
  • Café, kiosk, and restaurant services