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Customer and Service Guidance

Customer and service guidance consists of multilevel activities, such as general introductory guidance, counselling, and communication in social and health care services. The customer receives information proactively about available service alternatives and solutions in order to support his or her own wellbeing. Customer and service guidance encompasses low-threshold guidance, information, and counselling as well as service and care needs assessments. In their simplest forms, guidance and counselling may consist of telephone counselling or other counselling that does not require authentication. More individual counselling may be given to an authenticated customer.

Customer and Service Guidance

The Vaasa Mapping Team and the Pietarsaari Helmi Team serve new home care clients centrally.

If you need help, you can book a service advisor’s services at Vaasa Central Hospital during weekdays 7.00–15.00. You can reach the service advisors by phone 06 213 1315.

Responsible or this service: Asiakasohjausyksikkö