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The number for a care needs assessment is 06 218 9000 in the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia, except in Kristinestad, where the number is 06 221 8600.

When a client contacts the service, his or her care needs will be assessed and the client will be given instructions for self-care concerning his or her health and illness and, if necessary, an appointment will be booked with a doctor, nurse, or physiotherapist. Where appropriate, the client is urged to contact the correct treatment centre. Nurses and doctors receive both urgent and non-urgent cases at health centers. Health centers primarily provide health care services at general practitioner level. Contact information for nurses and appointments that can be booked electronically are provided for respective health centers.

What to do when you call the number for a care needs assessment

Call 06 281 9000. Listen to the pre-recorded instructions carefully.

Step 1. Choose your language

  • If you want service in Swedish, press 1.
  • If you want service in Finnish, press 2.

Step 2. Choose your municipality

  • Vaasa, press 1
  • Laihia, press 2
  • Jakobstad, Larsmo, or Pedersöre, press 3
  • Nykarleby, press 4
  • Korsholm, press 5
  • Vörå or Oravais, press 6
  • Närpes, press 7
  • Malax or Korsnäs, press 8
  • Kaskinen or Kristinestad, press 9

Step 3. Wait for the call to be redirected

Your call will be redirected to your municipality’s health center. Listen to the instructions and follow them carefully.