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Sexuality is a particularly private and intimate area of life and therefore it is generally considered very difficult to talk about issues related to it. Sexuality is a part of life, humanity, gender identity, as well as self and body image. Every human being is sexual and every human sexuality is unique. Events in childhood and adolescence, culture, relationship problems, beliefs and misunderstandings, as well as illnesses, ailments and their treatment can affect sexual health and wellbeing.

At the clinic, you are allowed to raise all matters related to sexuality in confidence. We deal with issues that you wish to raise as the client. Talking together aims to create a positive relationship with yourself and your own sexuality as well as your potential relationship.

• sexual dysfunction, such as arousal and orgasm disorders
• sexual reluctance or different desires in the relationship
• intercourse pains
• sensitive ejaculation
• erectile dysfunction
• intimacy-related anxiety or performance pressures
• difficulties accepting your body
• issues relating to your own sexual and gender identity
• problems related to aging
• sexual trauma
• relationship problems
• sexual issues related to illness or surgery
• fears associated with gynaecological examinations
• sexuality and relationship issues during pregnancy or after childbirth

Contact information

Sexual counselling and -therapy, Pietarsaari

Telephone nursing services Mon-Thu from 11:00-11:30
Midwife Johanna Nylund tel 050 5023109

Sexual counselling, Vaasa

Eva-Maria Rajamäki tel 040 5116380

Kristiinankaupunki Family Centre

Tel 06 221 8480 from 8:30-9:30

When in need of sexual counselling please contact your local Family Planning Clinic. Contact information by the link below.