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Angio Nurse’s Reception

The Angiology Outpatient Clinic is a nurse’s reception where the patient is prepared and informed ahead of a coronary angiography (coronary artery examination). Blood tests, ECG, and other necessary tests and examinations are carried out before the appointment.

The patient must also fill in the preliminary data that is requested in an invitation letter. During the appointment, the patient receives information about the coronary artery examination’s course and after-care. He or she can also ask questions.

A large part of appointments is carried out via telephone interviews.

Angio Nurse’s Reception foto

Cardiac Nurse’s Reception

The Cardiac Nurse’s Reception is for patients with coronary artery diseases and patients who have undergone cardiac surgery within the scope of special medical care. The cardiac nurse provides information on all things concerning the patient’s coronary artery disease. The nurse also gives

information about different heart lectures, rehabilitation opportunities, and the activities of heart associations.

Pacemaker Reception

The Pacemaker Outpatient Clinic handles annual pacemaker inspections. In addition, we carry out emergency reception as well as pre- and post-operative tests and check-ups.

Scheduled receptions are held at the Medical Outpatient Clinic three times a week. The clinic is operated by cardiologists and pacemaker nurses. The pacemaker nurses also have their own receptions.

A pacemaker nurse books appointments to the Pacemaker Outpatient Clinic.

Heart Failure Nurse’s Reception

Heart failure patients and their families have the opportunity to receive individual guidance and information concerning the patient’s underlying diseases, self-care, symptoms, medication, treatment, and social benefits.

In addition, we perform outpatient follow-up in terms of e.g. blood tests, blood pressure tests, pulse, weight, and edema. We can also optimize heart failure medication in consultation with doctors and according to specific directives. The remittance of patients to the heart failure reception occurs via a referral from an internist, cardiologist, or a physician responsible for our activities.

Contact information

Location: Y1B, Vaasa Central Hospital

Cardiac nurse: 06 213 2622

Telephone hours 10:00-14:00

Cardiac nurse in Jakobstad, Entrance H, 4th floor.

Mon-Fri from 09:00-10:00

Telephone: 06 7862233

Department Secretary

Enquiries about referrals and appointments Weekdays from 08:00 – 09:00 and Monday – Thursday 13:00 – 13:30

Telephone: 06 7862200