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The different forms consist of teaching self-care and guiding patients, functional and manual therapy, as well as therapy in the form of medical aids and clinical work when treating skin and nail problems caused by diseases. We aim to provide the patient with the skills to take care of their foot problems and to inform them of when it is necessary to seek professional care. Every foot therapist’s appointment includes guidance.

A foot therapist masters the principles of wound care and mechanical measures. The therapist’s special knowledge in wound care is offloading treatment. In addition to offloading treatment, the foot therapist makes offloading arch supports that treat misalignments and functional foot impairments as well as prevent foot problems.

Most of the foot therapist’s appointments at the medical outpatient clinic consist of patients with diabetes and rheumatic diseases, but the therapist provides care for all patient groups on the basis of a doctor’s referral. The foot therapist’s work is aided by a multidisciplinary workgroup. A care plan is drawn up based on a comprehensive examination with the purpose of preventing and alleviating problems and aches.

The patient must bring to the appointment his or her old arch supports and most often used shoes. If he or she uses so-called indoor shoes, they must also be brought to the appointment.

Foot Workgroup

The multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Workgroup receives patients with leg problems of urgent nature requiring specialized expertise. The Foot Workgroup is tasked with planning and arranging as quick and efficient care as possible for the patient.

The group consists of a foot therapist, diabetes physicians and nurses, a vascular surgeon, a hospital orderly, and prosthetic technicians. Orthopedists are also consulted, when necessary.