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The clinic’s activities encompass both medical reception and endoscopies, such as gastroscopy (endoscopy of the stomach), colonoscopy (endoscopy of the large intestine), and small-bowel endoscopy.

Our Patient Groups

Our largest patient group consists of persons suffering from inflammatory intestinal diseases (colitis ulcerosa and Crohn’s disease). We also treat patients who suffer from reflux diseases, ulcers, celiac disease, liver and pancreatic diseases, and various gastrointestinal problems with ongoing investigations and treatment.

IBD Nurse

IBD is derived from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

  • I give information and advice when you have become ill with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or unclassified colitis. If you have questions concerning your disease, want to book an appointment with the IBD Nurse, or become acutely ill, contact us and we’ll look into further steps
  • I take care of your blood sample controls when you start new medication, applying mainly to immunosuppressive medication (Imurel, Mercaptopurin, Metoject)
  • If you start biological medication, I’ll inform you of the treatment and, if necessary, teach you how to inject the medicine and take your own blood samples.
  • If you’re admitted to a ward in Vaasa Central Hospital and have questions about your inflammatory bowel disease, you can ask the nursing staff to contact me and I’ll visit you at the ward.

Contact information

Location: D1, Vaasa Central Hospital

Reception nurse:

06 213 2657

Telephone hours weekdays Mon-Thu from 09:00-10:00

Endoscopy Unit Secretary

06 213 2650

Weekdays from 09:00-10:00

IBD nurse

06 213 2639

Telephone hours Mon-Fri from 09:00-10:00

Kolpintie 7/Pohjanlahdentie 1

PB 111, 68601 Pietarsaari

Entrance H, 1st floor


Weds 08:00-08:30 and 14:00 – 15:00

Tel: 050 4138216


Advice and inquiries regarding healthcare matters

Mon – Tue 14:30 – 15:00

Tel. 06 7862212

Department Secretary

Enquiries about referrals and appointments

Mon – Thurs from 08:30 – 09:00

Tel. 06 7862210