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Link to the webpage of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela)

Supplementary and Preventive Social Assistance

The Joint Municipal Authority for the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia grants supplementary and preventive social assistance. In order to qualify for supplementary assistance, a decision on basic social assistance is required from Kela (does not apply to funeral grant applications).

Supplementary Social Assistance

Special expenses caused by a person’s or family’s exceptional circumstances may be covered with supplementary social assistance (for more details, see the Implementing Directive in the link below).

Preventive Social Assistance

The purpose of preventive social assistance is to further a person’s or family’s social security and independent living as well as to prevent social exclusions and long-term dependence on social assistance.

Contact your municipality’s Social Welfare Services and book an appointment. When you have received a decision on basic social assistance, you can apply for supplementary and preventive social assistance. You can receive help in filling out the application forms if you’re unable to do it by yourself. Moreover, you can receive guidance and support in matters concerning both life management skills and income.


Contact a social worker from your nearest unit.

Address: Korsholmsesplanaden 44, 65100 Vasa

Phone, weekdays: 06 325 2326

Address: Grundtrygghetsavdelningen, Vallinmäentie 43 (2.vån), 66400 Laihela 

Social worker and social instructor, phone time weekdays at 10-11 am, phone 06 218 1111

Address: Korsholms Kommun Socialvårdstjänster, Centrumvägen 4, Smedsby 

Susanne Dahlström, social worker, phone  06 218 4169

(Phone time Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 12–13 pm)

Lilian Biskop-Löf, social advisor, phone 050-3481072

Address: Socialkansliet, Öurvägen 31, 66800 Oravais 

Katja Pihlajakangas, social worker, phone time at 9-10 am, phone +358 6 382 1407

Mona-Lisa Sandelin, social worker, phone time at 9-10 am, phone +358 6 382 1402

Susanne Nygård, social worker, phone time at 9-10 am, phone +358 6 382 1401

Address: Malmska social- och hälsocentral 
Kållbyvägen 7/Bottenviksvägen 1, Ingång H, 
Pb 111, 68601 Jakobstad 

Social info, Strengbergsgatan 1D.  Open weekdays at 9 – 12 am.  

Phone time weekdays at 10 – 11 am. phone 06 786 2812 

Address: Malmgatan 5, 66100 Malax

Phone time weekdays at 8.30–9.30 am, phone 06 218 1111

Susanne Lindh,  social worker,  monday, wednesday & thursday, phone 06 218 7411 
Susanne Amoako, social worker, weekdays, phone 06 218 7409

Address: Närpesvägen 4, 64200 Närpes

Social worker, phone 040-1600950 , phone time at 9:30-10.30 am.

Address: Lappfjärdsvägen 10, 64100 Kristinestad

Call center weekdays, phone 06 218 1111

Address: Slussgatan 11 A, 64260 Kaskö

Call center weekdays, phone 06 218 1111