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If you are in need of special support, a healthcare social worker can support you and promote your opportunities to continue to be independent and active. The goal is to work with you to find solutions that reduce the obstacles or limitations that the illness / crisis entails.

You can get in touch, for example, if you need any of the following:

  • support in matters concerning your ability to work and study
  • help sorting out your options for service or rehabilitation
  • you are worried about your housing situation
  • support in everyday life or with life management
  • you have questions about social protection and finances
  • support to be able to participate in society
  • you wish to discuss things that have to do with your family’s current life situation.

You and the social worker will evaluate your situation together. The social worker will then offer you psychosocial support and present you with information about your opportunities and rights. The social worker will make an assessment of your overall situation and can, together with you, your relatives, your network contacts and other professional groups, participate in the planning of your continued care, service and rehabilitation.

There is a social worker on every ward and outpatient clinic, who can be reached on weekdays from 08:00-16:00. No referral is needed, you can get in touch, for example, by telephone. Visits to the social worker are free of charge.

Address: Hietalahdenkatu 2-4, 65100 VAASA and Sarjakatu 4, 65320 VAASA

Location: RF1, A1, Y0

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00

Leading Social Worker 040 653 2851

Oncology, Radiation therapy 06 213 2255

Neurology, Lung diseases, Demanding rehabilitation, Pain management, Physiotherapy 06 213 2258

Childhood diseases, Labor, Gynaecology, SERI support centre 06 213 2256

Internal medicine, Dialysis, Surgery 06 213 2257

Accident and Emergency clinic, Emergency ward, Intensive care unit 06 213 8220

Psychiatric outpatient clinic 040 688 6224, 040 568 4823, 044 323 2223

Acute psychiatric ward 1 040 568 4823

Acute psychiatric ward 2 040 688 6224

Psychiatric care and rehabilitation ward 5 044 323 2223

Adolescent psychiatry 040 715 4273

Pietarsaari, Luoto, Pedersöre and Uusikaarlepyy

Address: Kolpintie 7 / Pohjanlahdentie 1, 68600 Pietarsaari

Location: A, H4, I1

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00

Social Worker 050 502 3614

(Primary healthcare, Specialised healthcare (except neurology and physiotherapy), Acute general medicine department B2, General medicine and interval care department B3, Uusikaarlepyy general medicine department A9, Children and youth department)

Social supervisor 06 786 2529

Social Worker 06 786 2519
Advanced rehabilitation department H2, Neurology, Acute general medicine department B1

Address: Vanha Karperöntie 17 B, 65610 Mustasaari

Location: E, room 78

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00, visit by appointment

Telephone hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00-13:00

06 218 4024