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A permit to take photos and videos on our premises is almost always needed. Pictures may be taken without special permission in the outdoor areas, main lobbies and café areas. Elsewhere on our premises, permission is required before filming or photographing. However, photography and video recording must not interfere with our service, care or other activities. Remember to use good manners when photographing or video recording, as every one of our clients, patients, employees and visitors has a right to privacy.

Recording your service or care

If you want to record your own service or care, ask the staff involved in the service / care for permission. In a care and service situation, the most important thing is safe and effective care / service, which must not be put at risk by documenting the situation.

Public spaces

Public spaces include, for example, the main lobby of a hospital or social welfare and healthcare centre, as well as outdoor spaces. Recording in a public space, including the filming of an individual, is generally permitted, unless specifically prohibited by the owner of the premises or a person.

Semi-public spaces

Examples of semi-public spaces are corridors and waiting areas for units. To record in these spaces, you need the permission of the unit and the person being photographed. If filming or photographing requires special arrangements, contact the communications unit.

Private facilities

Private facilities include reception rooms, ward rooms and living quarters etc. If you want to describe your own service or care situation, ask the staff involved in the service / care for permission. In a care and service situation, the priority is to provide safe and effective care / service, which must not be endangered by documenting the situation.

Photographing people

Everything that happens in a public space is not necessarily public. Although a photographer has the copyright to their photographs taken in public spaces, the subjects of the image may have the right to restrict the publication of the images under privacy laws.

  • It is best to ask the subject for their written permission and explain where the image will be published.
  • A photograph of a person must not be published in a manner that infringes on the person’s honour or privacy.
  • A person’s image must not be used for advertising purposes without the person’s consent.
  • When photographing minors, permission should be sought from their parents.

Always ask for the consent of the people in the picture before publishing a photograph in a newspaper, on the internet, or on social media. This is how we take care of the privacy of everyone on our premises.