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Appointment booking service for influenza vaccinations opens on Monday 24th of October

The appointment booking service for influenza vaccinations open on Monday 24th of October. Vaccinations will start in November throughout Ostrobothnia.

It is worth protecting yourself against seasonal influenza with a vaccine

Influenza is an acute inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by influenza viruses. Influenza epidemics occur every winter. Influenza is associated with a high fever, muscle ache and headache, and common cold symptoms. Although the disease itself usually goes away with rest within 1-2 weeks, influenza can cause secondary diseases, such as ear infections or even pneumonia.

Especially those belonging to risk groups should take the free seasonal influenza vaccine. Severe influenza can lead to hospitalization, especially for the elderly and children, and recovery may take a long time

says coordinating head nurse Pirjo Pitkäkangas

In Finland, the seasonal influenza epidemic usually occurs between November and April. Vaccinations will start this year in November and will continue until next year. The protection provided by the influenza vaccine lasts for about a year, which means that the vaccine taken last year no longer protects against this season’s influenza infection.

– It takes about 2 weeks to develop protection from the vaccine. The majority of those who take the vaccine avoid the flu. If the vaccinated person gets the flu, the disease is usually milder and the recovery is faster, explains Pitkäkangas.

Book an appointment for a vaccination by telephone or go online

A time for an influenza vaccination is booked using the same number or system as with the coronavirus vaccination. Who is entitled to a free influenza vaccination?

  • Pregnant women
  • Everyone aged 65 and over
  • Children aged under 7 years
  • Those belonging to at-risk groups because of an illness or treatment
  • Men starting their military service and women starting their voluntary military service.

In addition, persons caring for clients and patients, as well as social, healthcare and medical care personnel, along with those close to a person susceptible to a serious influenza infection, are entitled to receive a free influenza vaccination.

You can find more information about these groups on the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare website here.