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  1. When you arrive for treatment, be sure to tell the medical staff about your allergies, illnesses and previous procedures. This will allow us to record all information that can affect your treatment in the patient information system.
  2. Please tell your healthcare professionals at the beginning of your treatment what medicines you are taking. We are able to treat you more safely when we know what medications you have been taking. It is always recommended to keep medication information with you.
  3. We can verify your identity on your patient wristband prior to medicine administration, examinations, and other procedures.
  4. Please take special care of your own hand hygiene during treatment. Good hand hygiene can prevent many infections.
  5. Feel free to ask if you have any concerns about your treatment.Before you go home, review the treatment instructions with the medical staff and in what situations you should contact a healthcare professional. It is important that you know how your treatment will continue at home