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Gerby and Ristinummi doctors’ and nurses’ clinics to move to other health stations

The doctors’ and nurses’ clinics at Gerby and Ristinummi will temporarily move to the Kirkkopuistikko and Tammikaivo health stations before a final move to the completed H-building in the central hospital area.

Gerby clinics at Kirkkopuistikko and Ristinummi clinics at Tammikaivo

On Monday 12 September, the doctors’ and nurses’ clinics at Gerby will move to the Kirkkopuistikko health station at Kirkkopuistikko 26. From Ristinummi, the relevant services will move to the Tammikaivo health station at Tammikaivontie 4.  Counselling services and oral healthcare will continue at Gerby and Ristinummi for the time being. Patients with respiratory infections will continue to be treated at the Tammikaivo health station.

The reason behind the move is the future transfer to the H-building, which has been completed in the central hospital area. According to current estimates, the services in Hietalahti will begin at the turn of the year.

– We need time to prepare for the move. We are cleaning before the move and going through what we will take with us to the new premises. In addition, our personnel will learn to know their future workplaces and receive training on how to use the new equipment, says Head Nurse Marlene Vägar.

Appointments will continue to be made through the Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre, for an assessment of the need for treatment, appointment bookings and counselling, is available at 06 218 9000. You will be called if you were not informed about a new reception location in connection with a previous appointment.

After the temporary move, the clinics will move to the H-building of the central hospital in Hietalahti, where new and modern facilities await.

– We hope to be able to move into the final premises at the central hospital by the beginning of winter at the latest, says Head Nurse Marlene Vägar.