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IMPORTANT! If you are feeling under the weather or have caught the flu or some other contagious disease, we recommend that you do not visit patients at the hospital. This is a precaution for keeping our patients an staff healthy.

Visits at the ward

You will find more detailed information about our wards and their visiting hours via the link below. In general our visiting hours are every day between 2 and 3 pm and between 6 and 7 pm.

Visits at the delivery room and maternity ward

During delivery either the father or on other support person can be present.

At the moment only the father and siblings or the mothers support person visit the maternity ward between 10 am and 9 pm every day.

Two Cafeterias and restaurant

If you want to have some coffee or something light to eat you can visit one of the two cafeterias. The cafeterias can be found in the connection with the main lobby of the building T and H.

The hospital restaurant is located in the M building and serves lunch on weekdays between 10.30 am and 13 pm.