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  • 1) At the beginning, we assume that the person being cared for has informed their relatives about this and which care facility they are at. The person and the next of kin will themselves agree on who else is informed about the matter.
  • 2) The person being cared for will agree with the care unit’s staff about who the staff can disclose information to.
  • 3) If the person being cared for is not able to inform their next of kin themselves, then the care unit’s staff will contact the person’s next of kin. Therefore, it is very important that the information and contact details of the next of kin are updated in the system. Our staff will check this with you in connection with your visits.

    The information stating that relatives have been contacted is always saved in our patient data system, so the information is included even if the person being cared for is moved to another unit.

Why doesn’t the switchboard release information about people being cared for?

Information about people being cared for can be found in our patient data system. The switchboard staff does not have access to the system. Nor can the staff of the switchboard ensure that the person calling over the phone has the right to access this information.