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There is both a parking garage and parking areas in the vicinity of the H-building. In front of the main door, you can drop off passengers and continue with the vehicle to the parking area. The parking areas also have places for people with reduced mobility (disabled parking spaces). You can get to the Central Hospital area with local buses 1, 4, 7 and 7K. There are also plenty of bicycle parking spaces near the entrances.

How to get to the H-building.
Arriving with car at the H-building.
Parking garage instructions.

Maps and guides

Here you will find some maps and guides.

Kuvassa on kartta Hietalahden sairaala-alueesta. Muut rakennukset ovat vihreitä, H-talo on sininen. Pääsisäänkäynti on merkitty punaisella pallolla.
Airplane perspective of the hospital area and the H-building.
Map from the North of the Vaasa hospital area. You can open the map from the East in a larger size with more info from the attachment below.