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Changes to municipal-specific telephone numbers during the spring

When municipal social welfare and healthcare services as well as emergency services were transferred to the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia, the telephone numbers in use were also transferred with the services. The Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia cannot continue to use the old numbers as the landline numbers are partially owned by the municipalities.

During the spring, numbers will be returned to municipalities and new numbers beginning with 06 218 will be introduced in the wellbeing services county. Number changes are coming to the numbers of Vaasa/Vasa, Laihia, Vöyri/Vörå, Närpiö/Närpes, Mustasaari/Korsholm, Maalahti/Malax, Korsnäs and Kristiinankaupunki/Kristinestad.

Discontinued numbers are those that begin as follows:

Vaasa/Vasa 06 325..
Laihia 06 325..
Vöyri/Vörå 06 382.. ja 06 385
Närpiö/Närpes 06 224..
Mustasaari/Korsholm 06 327.. ja 06 344…
Maalahti/Malax-Korsnäs 06 347..
Kristiinankaupunki/Kristinestad 06 221..

The latest service-specific telephone numbers can be found on the website, where they are being updated in stages. The old numbers will still work during the transition period until the end of May.

The telephone numbers of Vaasa Central hospital, Malmi hospital in Pietarsaari and mobile phone numbers in the municipalities will stay the same.

The changes will not affect centralised service numbers. The Customer Service Centre, i.e. the number for assessing the need for treatment and booking an appointment with a doctor and nurse throughout the entire Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia is 06 218 9000. The number to call for appointments and advice regarding dental healthcare throughout the entire county is 06 218 9100. In the future there will be no municipality-specific numbers for these services.

Kristiinankaupunki is an exception, where Pihlajalinna’s direct service numbers are still in use:
Assessment of the need for treatment 06 218 6019
Oral health care appointments and advice 06 218 6011