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Närpiö health centre outpatient clinics returning to J-building

The two-year renovation of Närpiö health centre is nearing completion and outpatient clinics will return to the newly renovated facilities. In November, all health centre services will once again be found in the J-building.

In Week 44, the last items will be put in place and furniture and other materials will be unpacked. On Monday, 6 November, the doctors’ and nurses’ outpatient clinics will open in the J-building, as well as the assessment of the need for care.

– The entrance to the health centre will also return to its previous place, which is at the main entrance of the J-building towards Kirkkotie. At the same time, the health centre’s information desk will move from the G-building back to the entrance lobby of the J-building, says ward manager Linda Ahlroos.

According to Ward manager Linda Ahlroos all rooms are equiped in such a way that they can be used as efficiently as possible.

Registration is always at the information desk

Ahlroos advises customers and patients to always visit the information desk first when coming to the health centre.

– We hope that patients register themselves at the information desk. There, the patient is told which waiting area they should go to. The J-building now has two waiting areas, A and B, from where patients are called in to the outpatient clinics.

Registration makes the staff’s work smoother. In this way, the healthcare staff will know that the patient has arrived, and there is no need to look for them in the corridors or wait unnecessarily.

Ahlroos also advises those who come for an assessment of the need for care and the emergency department to go via the information desk. Both services were in the H-building during the renovation work, but now they are also moving into the newly renovated facilities.

During the time that the services are relocating, 30 October – 3 November, activities at the health centre will be limited and there will be fewer outpatient clinic times than normal, as the staff has to make the newly renovated facilities ready for use.

Närpiön terveyskeskus, info ja ilmoittautuminen
The main entrance to J-building is on Kirkkoties side of the muilding. The health centre’s information desk can be found in the entrance lobby of the J-building.

All services under one roof

The laboratory will also be able to return next to the health centre in the J-building one week later.

On Friday, 10 November, Fimlab’s laboratory will remain closed due to the move, but on Monday, 13 November, the lab will start operating in the new facilities. The laboratory’s opening hours remain unchanged (Mon-Fri, 7:30−14:00). The laboratory in Närpes is by appointment only, but emergency department patients can take a queue number.

The X-ray department at Närpiö health centre has been partially closed during the renovation work, but this service will reopen in the J-building on 13 November.

The X-ray department will reopen in J-building on November the 13th.

The outpatient clinics of dentists and nurses will continue in temporary facilities in the F-building for the time being, until the necessary construction work with the oral health care facilities next to the health centre is completed.

– The completion of the renovation work will make it easier for patients to move around, since all the services are in the same building. Even if you accidentally go to the wrong place, you are never far off, notes Alhroos.