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Call the toll-free number 116 117 before going to the emergency clinic. The Medical Helpline is open 24/7. Contact your local health center during office hours by phone 06 218 9000.

In emergencies (severe chest pain, acute shortness of breath, unconsciousness, stroke symptoms, sudden seizures), call the general emergency number 112.

The Medical Helpline is a guidance and counselling service for social welfare and health care.

At the Medical Helpline, you will receive assistance from health care professionals or, in other words, your region’s on-call nurses. They will assess your need for emergency care services or urgent care services via phone in accordance with regional instructions, around the clock.

The Medical Helpline will also give you general information and guidance on health problems that may require a visit to emergency care services. By calling the helpline, you can get help from professionals and find out whether you should seek care outside office hours.