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Check your need for treatment

You can fill in a symptom assessment in Omaolo if you have any symptoms or discomfort and are considering seeking medical care.

Omaolo is already in use in Pietarsaari, Luoto, Pedersöre, Uusikaarlepyy, Mustasaari, Vaasa, Laihia, Närpiö, Maalahti, Korsnäs, and Vöyri. The service will be expanded to the entire Ostrobothnia region.

The service has altogether 16 different symptom assessments or checkers, of which 13 are in use in Ostrobothnia. The following 13 symptom assessments are available for you:

By clicking on the symptom, you will be directed to the corresponding symptom checker. After completing the assessment, you will receive instructions for self-care, or alternatively, our nurse will contact you through an Omaolo message.

The service is available around the clock. If the completed answers imply urgency, the service redirects patients directly to the Medical Helpline or, in pressing cases, to the emergency response centre.


Omaolo is an electronic service channel for social welfare, health care, and oral health care services. The purpose of Omaolo is to promote the health and well-being of citizens. Omaolo supports self-care and helps people to contact public health care professionals if necessary.

In Omaolo, you can fill out symptom checkers and receive self-care instructions and other information that matches your situation, as well as an assessment of urgency. If needed, you can also contact a health care professional. Omaolo also offers the possibility to conduct a health check and participate in independent well-being coaching.

The service is intended for individuals aged 15 and over.