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We study and measure the body’s functions and their possible disturbances with a gamma camera (SPET-CT) or a PET camera (PET-CT). Various diseases can be diagnosed or ruled out at an early stage, many times before structural changes occur in other studies.

How to receive treatment from us?

Referrals and appointments are required for nuclear medicine examinations. An invitation letter will be sent to your home. The invitation letter explains the purpose of the examination and when it will take place, as well as any preparation instructions required, such as dietary instructions, medication breaks, etc.

How to find us?

The nuclear medicine unit is located in the U-building. Use Entrance UA, walk down the stairs or take the lift to the basement, U0.

Please sit and wait when you arrive at the nuclear medicine unit. The nurse will call you in by name.

Vaasa Central Hospital

Nuclear medicine

Hietalahdenkatu 2-4, 65130 Vaasa

Office tel. 06-213 2551

Opening hours: weekdays from 07:00-15:00

Unit Manager Anna-Carin Rösgren, 040-187 1376