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The health check is voluntary and free of charge for the client. Organizing the health check is the responsibility of the wellbeing services county. The wellbeing services county.may charge fees for follow-up treatments. Section 11 of the Customer Payments Act provides for the reduction or non-collection of fees. The law emphasizes prioritizing the adjustment of payments in relation to income support. Amendments to the law on social and healthcare customer fees.

The purpose of the health check-up is to be explained to the person participating in the health check-up. The participant is to be told where and how the information from the health check-up is used and what follow-up measures are taken. In connection with the health examination, a personal treatment or service plan is drawn up. Plans and goals relevant to health and well-being and ability to work are recorded in the plan, and follow-up is agreed upon. As a rule, the health checkup for the unemployed is performed by a public health nurse, sometimes also by a physician. A physician is needed, for example, if the ability to work or the need for rehabilitation is to be assessed.

The wellbeing services county is responsible for organizing the service, i.e. it decides how the service is produced. The health check-up is usually done at a Health center or at a multidisciplinary joint services office that promotes employment (TYP), sometimes also within occupational health care.


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Long term unemployed
Susanne Häggman
Tel: 06 786 1333 or 050 447 1218 

Short term unemployed
Irene Nygård
Tel: 06 756 1447 (telephone hours Tue-Thu 8-8.30) or 06 786 1333 (via telephone consultation) 

Pietarsaari Social and Health Center
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Susanne Häggman
Tel: 06 786 1333 or 050 447 1218 

Pietarsaari Social and Health Center
Kolpintie 7, 68600 Pietarsaari

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