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School health care activities

School health care includes:

  • Monitoring pupil’s growth and development and promoting their health and wellbeing.
  • Supporting the pedagogical work of parents
  • Identifying the pupils’ need for support and health examinations, and referring them for further health examinations and treatment if necessary
  • Promoting and monitoring the health and safety of the school environment and the wellbeing of the entire school community
  • Multiprofessional pupil welfare work
  • Oral health care
  • Special health examinations necessary to determine the pupils’ state of health

Book an appointment at your health station for issues requiring acute medical attention. Appointment bookings for a school doctor are made through a school nurse.

Health check-ups

School health care includes annual health check-ups, of which 1st, 5th and 8th grade health examinations are extensive. Health check-ups always include individual health counselling.

We hope that parents / guardians will take part in extensive 1st, 5th and 8th grade health examinations. Parents are also welcome at other health inspections.

In addition to the pupil’s health and wellbeing, the school nurse and doctor always assess the wellbeing of the whole family in large-scale 1st, 5th and 8th grade health inspections. We discuss a wide range of issues with the family during the check-up, and together we go through the teacher’s assessment of the pupil’s presence at school.

The pupil’s health is also examined in the 8th grade check-up in terms of postgraduate studies and career choice.

Questionnaires for health examinations
More information

You can read more about the national vaccination programme on the link below.

Contact information

Telephone counselling  

Mon–Fri from 08:00 to 09:00, tel. 06 786 1235. 

Head nurse Diana Hagman, tel. 050 300 8074, 

Petterinmäen koulu, Campus Norrvalla: Vörå samgymnasium, Norrvalla folkhögskola and Norrvalla idrottsinstitut 
Tel. 050 413 0171, telephone hours from 08:00-09:00 

Tegengrenskolan, Rökiö skola, Koskeby skola 
Tel. 044 727 1253, phone hours from 08:00-08:30 

Karvsor skola, Kimo skola, Maxmo Kyrkoby skola, Särkimo skola, Centrumskolan and Oravaisten Suomenkielinen koulu 
Tel. 044 727 1203, telephone hours from 08:00-08:30 

Telephone hours for school nurses 

Korsholms högstadium Mon–Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 06 218 4021

Mustasaaren Keskuskoulu class 4–9 Mon–Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 06 218 4057 

Mustasaaren Keskuskoulu class 1–3 Mon–Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 424 9298 

Pilotti Mon–Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 06 218 4057 

Tuovila School Mon–Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 424 9298 

Smedsby-Böle School Mon–Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 727 7900 

Kvevlax lärcenter Mon-Fri from 8:00–8:30, tel. 050 518 1098

Helsingby skola Mon-Thu from 8:00–8:30, tel. 044 727 7917

Norra Korsholms skola Mon-Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 727 7907

Solf skola Mon-Thu from 8:00-8:30, tel. 044 727 7917

Tölby-Vikby skola Mon-Thu from 8:00-8:30, tel. 044 727 7917

Replot-Björkö skola and Vallgrund skola Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 727 7310


6-year-olds, Replot-Vallgrund skola, Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 727 7310

6-year-olds, Norra Korsholms skola, Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 727 7907

6-year-olds, Smedsby-Böle skola, Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 727 7907

6-year-olds, Kvevlax lärcenter, Mon-Wed from 8:00-8:30, tel. 050 518 1098

Finnish-speaking 6-year-olds, Mon-Thu from 11:00-11:30, tel. 044 424 9298

The Child Welfare Clinic in Sulva, Helsingby and Tölby-Vikby takes care of 6-year-olds from 8:00-12:00, tel. 06 327 7494

Borgaregatans skola tel. 040 353 0179 
Porvarinkatu 13, 65230 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Fri 

Gerby skola, tel. 040 148 5873 
Västervikintie  7, 65280 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Fri, Fri on odd weeks, Mon–Tue on even weeks  

Haga skola, tel. 040 674 0794 
Kustaa III:n Polku 2, 65380 Vaasa 
Reception: Thu–Fri 

Hietalahden koulu, tel. 040 186 2890 
Ravikatu 9, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Tue–Fri  

Huutoniemen koulu, tel. 040 5231507 
Mannerheimintie 41, 65320 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Wed, Fri on odd weeks 

Isolahden koulu, tel. 040 829 1173 
Pallokatu 17, 65230 Vaasa 
Reception: Wed–Fri 

Keskuskoulu, tel. 040 707 1183 
Raastuvankatu 39–43, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Fri 

Kristillinen koulu, tel. 040 186 2890 
Sepänkyläntie 4, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon 

Länsimetsän koulu, tel. 040 673 9222 
Länsimetsäntie 10, 65280 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 

Merenkurkun koulu, tel. 040 197 7502 
Kirkkopuistikko 33, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Wed–Fri, Tue on even weeks  

Merikaarron koulu, tel. 050 339 6921 
Merikaarrontie 774, 66510 Merikaarto 
Reception: Thu

Nummen koulu, tel. 040 161 4153 
Eräpolku 4, 65370 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Wed 

Onkilahden yhtenäiskoulu (elementary school), tel. 040 485 9855 
Vuorikatu 7, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon, Wed–Fri 

Onkilahden yhtenäiskoulu (upper school), tel. 040 591 8743 
Vuorikatu 11, 65100 Vaasa 
Telephone hours: Mon–Fri from 09:30-10:00 
Reception: Mon–Fri 

Savilahden yhtenäiskoulu, tel. 050 339 6921 
Savilahdentie 1, 66500 Vähäkyrö 
Phone hours: Mon–Fri from 10:30-11:00 
Reception: Mon, Wed–Fri 

Steinerkoulu, tel. 040 485 9855 
Kalastajankatu 14, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Tue 

Sundom skola, tel. 040 148 5873 
Sundom LärCenter 
Sundomintie13, 65410 Sundom 
Reception: Wed–Thu on odd weeks, Wed–Fri on even weeks 

Suvilahden koulu 
Teirinkatu 2, 65350 Vaasa 
Reception: Basic education in Finnish, tel. 04  523  507, Thu; Fri on even weeks 
Basic education in English and bilingual, tel. 040 197 7502, Mon; Fri on odd weeks 

Tervajoen koulu, tel. 040 673 9222 
Malamontie 2, 66440 Tervajoki  
Reception: thu

Variskan yhtenäiskoulu (elementary school), tel. 040 829 1173 
Vanhan Vaasan katu 20, 65370 Vaasa
Reception: Mon, tue 

Variskan koulu, tel. 040 161  6336 
Vanhan Vaasan katu 20, 65370 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Fri 

Vasa övningsskola, tel. 040 574 ¨5333 
Kirkkopuistikko 11–13, 65100 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Fri 

Vikinga skola, tel. 040  74 0794 
Urheilukatu 10, 65200 Vaasa 
Reception: Mon–Wed 

Electronic services 

Parents can book an appointment electronically for the child’s 1st and 5th grade extensive health examinations, as well as the 7th grade health check-up. In addition, a 30 min appointment can be booked, for example, for a vaccination visit. In addition to appointment bookings, parents can send a message to the nurse about the child’s health using the e-services, as well as postpone or cancel their appointments electronically. Cancellations must be made no later than 1 day before the booked appointment. 

As a parent, you must first activate your own electronical service so that you can act for your child. You need a bank ID or mobile certificate to sign-in to the service. Here you can access the eHealth service. After logging into the service, you can activate your own electronic transaction under: Forms

Acting on behalf of a child 

Note! When acting on behalf of your child, please mark your child as the client! 

  • In the upper right corner of the e-service, select your own name (on the telephone, a human figure in the upper right corner of the page), and a menu will open from which you can select: Apply for authorisation from the service 
  • Choose the child for whom you want to act and then book an appointment. If you are acting on behalf of the child for the first time, you can also activate the transaction on behalf of the child for the messaging service under Forms. By filling out the form, please allow online transactions, text messaging and appointment bookings so that you can use all the services available also in the future. 

After activating the services, you can book an appointment for the child to have a health check-up on the e-services, or you can send and read messages on the section messages. Besides seeing the appointments booked for your child, you can also change the bookings if necessary in the same service.

  • Yläkoulu ja lukio (Secondary School and Upper Secondary School), tel. 040 714 8910 
  • Kirkonkylän koulu, Rauhalan koulu and Isonkylän koulu tel. 040 538 9316 
  • Perälän koulu, Kylänpään koulu and Hulmin koulu tel. 040 168 9136 
Electronic services 

You can make an e-services agreement and send messages electronically via the link below. 

Högstadiet i Petalax (HiP), Gymnasiet i Petalax (GiP), Bergö skola and Petalax skola 

Telephone hours Mon–Fri from 08:10-08:40. Carin and Ann-Sofie available on number 050 321 4920. 
Reception without an appointment Mon–Fri from 08:45-09:45 at Högstadiet i Petalax. 

School nurse Carin Björkman is available for pupils of Bergö School and Petalax School and holds the reception on Mon-Tue from 08:45-09:45. Carin assists in health check-ups according to the class grades. So far, the school health service is closed every other Tuesday when Carin works at another nursing office. 

School nurse Ann-Sofie Brännkärr-West is available Wed–Fri for pupils at Högstadiet i Petalax and Gymnasiet i Petalax. In addition, Ann-Sofie provides contraceptive counselling for pupils. 

If you want to make an appointment with a school nurse or school doctor, or ask a question about a matter of concern, you can best reach your nurse during the telephone hours. You can also contact us by email, or carin.bjö Be sure to state your name and class! You can also book an appointment using the Wilma app.

Primary Schools in Maalahti and Korsnäs 

Monica Sundlin, School Nurse, Yttermalax skola, telephone hours: Mon–Fri from 08:00-08:30, tel. 050 327 3915  
School nurse Monika Sundlin works at the schools mentioned below and will be best reached according to the following schedule, which may vary if necessary. 

Receptions at schools 

Yttermalax skola the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday and the 2nd Wednesday of each Month  
Övermalax skola the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of each Month 
The Finnish-speaking School in Maalahti: the 4th Wednesday of each Month (school nurse Venla Appel) 
Molpe skola: the 2nd Thursday of each Month 
Korsnäs kyrkby skola: the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each Month (school nurse Ann-Sofie Sten) 
Taklax skola: the 4th Thursday of each Month 

So far, all school nurse visits by appointment only. In other words, there is no open morning reception (Mon, Wed and Fri from 08:30-10:00). 

Phone hours: Mon, Wed and Fri from 08:15-09:00 

The call request can be left on weekdays from 08:00-12:00. 

The school nurse can also be reached through Wilma. 

Contact us to book an appointment. 

tel. 06 224 9681 

School nurse Gerd Metsäranta 

Reception at the school on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00. 

The school nurse is available at the Kaskinen Health Center on weekdays from 08:30-10:00, tel. 045 232 2200 

Kristinestads skola
School nurse´s reception Wed from 9:00-13:00, tel. 040 7052339

Lappfjärds skola
School nurse´s reception Wed from 9:00-13:00, tel. 040 1983868

Härkmeri skola
School nurse´s reception every third Fri from 9:00-13:00, tel. 040 1983868

Kantakaupungin koulu
School nurse´s reception Mon and Thu from 9:00-13:00, tel. 040 7052339

Appointment bookings to the school doctor through the school nurse

Electronic services