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The goal is for the care period to be short, a maximum of 48 hours, except for certain isolation care cases. After that, the patient should be able to go home, or be otherwise moved to a ward at the central hospital or in the home municipality.
The department has double occupancy rooms, six monitoring stations and isolation rooms, two of which work with overpressure / under pressure. The total number of places is 22.
In the department, we have the opportunity to monitor the heart rhythm of many patients at the same time.

Medical conditions managed on the ward

The types of medical conditions being taken care of on the ward include acute infections, heart problems, various neurological symptoms, sudden diminished general conditions, mild poisoning, unclear symptoms that require additional examinations, infectious tuberculosis etc.
During the COVID pandemic, the ward functions as a pandemic ward for COVID-positive patients who require hospital care.

Important information for visitors

Because COVID (and also other diseases such as measles and tuberculosis) is a common infectious disease, patients are placed in isolation rooms. It is extremely important that you are careful with your hygiene when visiting these rooms. You should use the correct protective clothing, this to protect yourself, the patient and other people from various infections.
When you come to visit a patient in an isolation room, always inform the staff before entering the room. This is to ensure that everything is done correctly, so that together we can prevent the spread of diseases. It is also important to both wash your hands thoroughly and use hand disinfectant when leaving the isolation room. Try to minimise the number of visits, as well as the number of visitors during the hospital stay. This to minimize the risk of infection. Please respect the visiting hours on the ward.
If something is still unclear, or you need help with protective clothing and hygiene, please ask the staff for help.

Contact information

06 213 2742
06 213 2748

coordinating nurse
06 213 2750

assistant nurse Helena Snickars
06 213 2750, 040 6203 706

head nurse Ronja Kurtén
06 213 2740, 040 6733 297

senior nurse Saija Seppelin
06 213 4302

chief doctor Taneli Väyrynen

06 213 5319


Visiting hours

Visiting hours are between 15-19