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The activities of the Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic in Vaasa 

At the Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic, we treat patients with tumours of the uterus or ovaries, inflammation of the reproductive organs, bleeding disorders, cell changes in the cervix (papa), prolapses or urinary incontinence, among other things. We treat couples who have had a miscarriage or are suffering from infertility. We also perform abortions. 

You can have an appointment at the Outpatient Clinic with a referral from a hospital, health centre or private doctor, or with a hospital’s internal request for consultation. An invitation to the reception will be sent by post. 

Emergency patients will be admitted by referral without an appointment Mon–Thu from 07:30–15:00, and Fri from 07:30–14:30. At other times, the Maternity and Gynaecological Ward A4 is on call. 

Emergency visits for pregnant women are carried out either at the Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic (20 weeks of gestation and less) or in the delivery room (more than 20 weeks of gestation), located on the 4th floor of Building B. 

Due to the on-call nature of our Outpatient Clinic, you may have to wait slightly longer for your appointment than expected. 

The activities of the Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic in Pietarsaari 

The Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic treats various gynaecological problems, such as bleeding and hormone disorders, infections, incontinence (urinary incontinence), pelvic pain, and early pregnancy problems. In addition, we are responsible for the examination, treatment and follow-up of patients with gynaecological cancers. 

When evaluating the necessary gynaecological measures to take, we will place you in an outpatient clinic queue or send you to another hospital. 

Our clinic collaborates with the Family Planning Clinic, and we also take care of setting coils and contraceptive capsules. Book the appointment through the Family Planning Clinic. 

Contact information 

Location: A5, Vaasa Central Hospital 

Opening hours: Mon–Thu from 07:30–15:30, Fri from 07:30–14:30 

Nurse’s office: Telephone nursing services Mon–Thu from 08:00–15:00, and Fri from 08:00–13:30, tel. 06 213 2012 

Fax 06 213 2008 

Coordinating head nurse Kaisa Muikku 040 4828573

Kolpintie 7/Pohjanlahdentie 1 
Pl 111, 68601 Pietarsaari 
Entrance H, 1st floor 

Midwife, questions about treatments, changes in appointments Mon–Fri from 08:10–09:00, tel. 06 786 2443. 

Head nurse, tel. 06 786 2143 

Coordinating head nurse Kaisa Muikku, tel. 06 213 2030