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Have you or your loved one encountered any sexual violence

The Seri Support Centre at Vaasa Central Hospital is a treatment unit for those who have experienced sexual violence. We provide you with help and support quickly and comprehensively. No referral is needed, and you can come to the Seri Support Centre directly or under the guidance of an authority. If you have any questions, call us in advance and ask for advice. 

It is recommended to come to the centre for a forensic examination as soon as possible, but no later than one month after the incident. You can come alone or with a support person. 

At our reception you will be supported by a doctor and nurse, if necessary, also a psychiatric nurse, social worker and hospital pastor. In addition, we have close collaboration with other actors and will guide you further on how to receive the support and assistance you need. 

Free of charge service for all, regardless of gender 

Victims of sexual violence have the right to all services at the Seri Support Centre. The services are free of charge and are intended for all victims of sexual offenses over the age of 13, regardless of gender. The Support Centre is open 24 hours a day, but some support services are only available during office hours. Access to treatment does not require a criminal report, although we do encourage it. 

From the Seri Support Centre you can get 

  • psychological and social support for recovery from traumatic experiences 
  • forensic examinations and laboratory tests 
  • necessary medications, vaccinations and post-contraception 
  • treatment follow-up plan 
  • information about other support services 

Contact information 

Seri Support Centre 

Tel. 040-5894752 

Round the clock, including text messages 

Visiting address 

Vaasa Central Hospital 

Hietalahdenkatu 2-4, 65130 Vaasa 

On weekdays from 07:30-14:30, A5 Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic, 5th floor 

At other times B4, 4th floor 

Appointment bookings and other non-urgent issues 

On weekdays from 08:00-15:00