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Hospital services at home is an alternative to hospital care and is provided  in the patient’s own home or in a nursing home, instead of in a hospital. As a patient you can, for example, be discharged earlier from a ward and continue your treatment at home. Medicines and care items needed for your treatment according to the care plan, are included in the treatment fee.

The most common treatments provided in the patients home are:

  • intravenous drug therapy with antibiotics
  • blood transfusions
  • care of isolation patients at home
  • palliative and terminal care
  • blood tests

After assessment your attending physician can refer you for hospital services at home.

Receiving hospital services at home requires the patients permission. General fitness/functional capacity should be good enough to enable you to manage at home independently or with the support of relatives and/or home care between nursing staff visits.


We provide contact information to the hospital services at home when you become a patient.


Persons over 16 years of age, persons of working age, elderly.

We provide hospitalservices at home in the following areas:

Jakobstad, Larsmo, Pedersöre, Nykarleby and Kronoby daily between 8 – 22 o´clock. 

In close cooperation with our service point in Jakobstad is also our palliative outpatient clinic.

In Vaasa and Korsholm we provide hospitalservices at home every day 24/7. We also provide these services in Laihia. 

We can provide hospitalservises at home in the southern area: Närpes, Kaskö and Korsnäs.

In Kristinestad these services are provided by Pihlajalinna, Bottenhavets hälsa Oy.

We also work closely with Ostrobothnia Cancer Associations cancer nurses in our northern and southern areas.

Our goal is to offer equal hospitalservices in the home for the population of Ostrobothnia

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