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The hospital chaplain is the person who is there to give you unhurried support

  • when you need someone to listen to you and wish to speak with someone
  • when you are scared or depressed
  • when you are pondering on issues related to your view of life or wish to have spiritual guidance
  • when you would like someone to pray for you
  • when you would like to receive communion
  • when you are bereaved after losing a relative or friend
  • when it’s time to say goodbye (memorial service on the ward or in the hospital chapel)

We are specialists in pastoral counselling but you can discuss any area of human life with us, not just spiritual issues. We observe the obligation to secrecy specified in law, and we respect different faiths and convictions and freedom of religion. We were invited and commissioned by and receive support from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.


You can contact the chaplains every day 8-20 via 044 331 1084.

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The Quiet Room is open daily.

Contact info

Malin Lindblom, leading hospital chaplain

Ann-Sofi Nylund

Ann-Sofi Nylund, hospital chaplain

  • tel. 040 620 9148

Tuija Storbacka, hospital chaplain


Hospital chaplain’s offive is located at ward B3 (Entrance B, floor 3).
We are in the hospital on Mon – Fri 8.30-16.

You can contact the chaplains through the nursing staff or by phone.
On weekends, the nursing staff can contact the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department.

Contact info

Englund Catharina

Catharina Englund

hospital chaplain
Kolpintie 7, 68600 Pietarsaari
Tel. 040 310 0493


Tuesdays at 10.30 in ward B3.
Every other Tuesday at 18.00 in ward H2.