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Children’s Neurological Unit information  

We hope you are always healthy when you come to the Children’s Neurological Unit. Please cancel your appointment If your child or parent has flu-like symptoms or another infectious disease. In Vaasa, you can cancel your appointment by calling tel. 06 213 1997 Mon-Fri from 08:00-10:00 or by calling your primary nurse. Nurses’ numbers can be found in your invitation letter or in the contact information below. 

Thank you for your cooperation! By doing so, we protect both our small patients and staff. 

Welcome to the Children’s Neurological Unit 

Neurological symptoms in children and adolescents may be seen in  

  • interaction and communication 
  • play and social development 
  • speech and language skills 
  • daily activities and eating 
  • intellectual development and learning 
  • hand skills 
  • mobility, coordination and balance 
  • sensory functions 

You need to have a referral from a doctor in order for your child to have an appointment at the Children’s Neurological Unit. An appointment will be booked for your child at the doctor’s reception after the referral has been accepted. A doctor’s assessment of the urgency of your need for treatment will determine how quickly you can get an appointment. 

During the first visit, the doctor will examine the child, discusses the child’s challenges with the parents, and plan follow-up treatment and future examinations. Before the doctor’s appointment, some tests can already be made on the child, such as an EEG test, which measures the electrical activity of the brain.  

If necessary, an examination period is planned for your child in the outpatient ward. During the  examination period, the paediatric neurology team will examine the child in the outpatient ward for 3–5 days. The paediatric neurology team includes a doctor, nurse, psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and a physiotherapist. The members of the team examine the child with the help of tests, observations, questionnaires, and discussions. If necessary, a social worker, a rehabilitation counsellor or assistive services providers are also consulted. After the examination period, a feedback discussion will take place to plan and discuss possible support measures and rehabilitation. Together with the parents, collaboration is established with the daycare, school and the child’s own therapists. 

The most important thing for us is to provide good family-centred care. Our goal is to provide a functional and rehabilitative everyday life. 

The Children’s Neurology Unit is located in on the 3rd  floor in the U-building. You do not need to register when you arrive at the reception. 

Assessment of a minor’s ability to make decisions about their treatment

Children have the right to participate in decision-making concerning the management of their affairs in accordance with their level of development.

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Contact information 

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Hietalahdenkatu 2-4, U3, 65100 Vaasa (weekdays 08:00 – 15:00)
Telephone numbers and hours
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telephone hours weekdays 08:00–10:00

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Ward Nurse Leena Nåhls, leena.nahls[at] 

Head Nurse Susann Granlund, tel. 044 424 9105, susann.granlund[at]