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We operate on two floors. On A8 we have Newborn Intensive Care Unit, where we care for sick newborns as well as premature babies.

There is a pediatric ward on A9 floor. There we take care of 0-16 years old children, who come for research, surgery or have become sick suddenly for example an infectious disease.

The children´s home hospital operates with the children´s ward. The home hospital takes special care for the children`s home. With this we aim to shorten the time the child is in the hospital.

Contact information

Vaasa Central Hospital, newborn intensive care unit A8: 06 213 1965
Milk kitchen, open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12.
06 213 1969

Vaasa Central Hospital, pediatric ward A9: 06 231 1942

The head of the ward Jaana Ahola: 044 323 1942

Pediatric ward: 06 786 2150