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We treat you in a multi-professional manner in cooperation with your personal specialist doctor, nurses and practical nurses, specialist staff (physiotherapist, occupational and speech therapist, nutritionist, social worker). In addition, our ward employs ward assistants, a ward pharmacist, a head nurse and an assistant head nurse. We have 24 beds. Our ward has 10 patient rooms, two of which are isolation rooms.

For relatives:
We recommend that relatives visiting on weekdays come after the doctor’s rounds which are held from 11:00 – 14:00.
We recommend wearing a protective mask when visiting our ward. Please only visit the ward if you are healthy, thank you!

Service locations

Hietalahdenkatu 2-4, 65130 Vaasa

E-wing, 5th floor

Office 06 213 2812

Shift manager 06 2132821

Fax 06 213 2812

Ward Secretary 06 213 2811

Head nurse Pauliina Lundström 06 213 6810

Visiting hours:

Visiting hours are between 14–15 and 18–19.