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Care is based on equality of all people and being entitled to good care regardless of age, faith, nationality, race or social rank.

Care can be given on a voluntary basis or against the patient’s own will. During observation time and care, the patient’s basic rights may be restricted. The goal is to protect the patient. The restrictions are based on the Finnish Mental Health Act

Here you will find more information about psychiatric involuntary care and patient rights information only in Swedish and Finnish

The Emergency psychiatric ward doors are locked and freedom of movement is limited. Depending on the patient condition, the patient can get clearance, this means that the patient can move freely in the hospital area.

The medication that is part of the care, is followed up and changed as necessary by physicians.

The duration of care is individual and can vary depending on the nature and symptoms of the disease.

How to get (receive ?) care with us?

To receive ward care, one needs a doctor’s referral. The referral can be obtained for example through your own health centre, mental health office, psychiatric outpatient clinic, community centre, occupational health service or through the private sector doctor’s office.

The referral can be a regular referral and then you come in voluntarily for care or an observational referral, which means starting a few days observation period in ward regardless of the patient’s own will.

Primary nurses’ support in the care

The primary nurse is responsible for and plans together with the doctor the patient’s comprehensive care. The primary nurse reserves time for the patient, listens, talks and helps with practical things. The primary nurse listens to relatives and ensures that they can participate in care.

The primary nurse is part of the multi-professional working group and also serves as the patient’s liaison between the caring unit and various authorities.

During the care, a psychiatric evaluation and a multi-professional care plan are made up. Home visits can be made during the time of the care. We cooperate with the outpatient’s home municipality and strive to arrange family calls and/or network meetings.

Appropriate aftercare is arranged for the patient before discharge. Aftercare is planned together with the patient, according to the patient’s place of residence and care needs.

Staff of the ward includes:

  • Psychiatric nurses/
  • Practical nurses
  • Doctors and specializing doctors
  • Secretary
  • Social worker and psychologist
  • Cleaning staff

If required, the service of family therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, sports instructor and hospital pastor are also available

The ward’s staff is bound by professional secrecy and is proficient in both domestic languages. Interpreting services are used if necessary.

Cell Phones and Laptops

You can use your own appliances in the department. However, take into account the privacy of other patients. You can also receive calls on the ward’s patient phone, the number is obtained from the office.

Money and valuables

The hospital, the ward and staff is not responsible for any valuables, money or clothing. Nor for things left in storage for safekeeping. Avoid bringing unnecessary items to the ward.


Avoid bringing dangerous and sharp objects (such as scissors, knitting needles, knives) and glass items to the ward. For your own and others’ safety, these are kept in a locked box in your room.

Leisure Walking

The leisure walking may be limited depending on the patient’s wellbeing, and is agree with the doctor and the nursing staff.


All leaves are agreed on in advance with doctors and nursing staff.

The Ward’s meal times

  • Breakfast at 8.00
  • Lunch at 11.00
  • Coffee at 13.00
  • Dinner at 15.30
  • Evening snack at 19.00
  • Night bite at 21.00

Visiting hours

Visiting hours every day between 14.00 and 19.00 or by appointment. Visiting hours between other wards at 14.00 to 15.00.

Contact information:

Vaasa Central Hospital, Emergency Psychiatric (open 24/7)

Office: 06 213 2170 / 0407592170

Ward Head Nurse Gunilla Richardsson, phone 0404875373

Assistant Ward Nurse Elisabeth Krooks, phone 0401851394


Emergency Psychiatric Department, Vaasa

H-building, 8th floor

Hietalahdenkatu 2-4

65100 Vaasa