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If you’re a victim of domestic violence or intimate partner violence, or if you have perpetrated violence, help is available. This page contains information about what violence is and how it can be prevented.

Description of the Service

Seek Help

You can seek help from several places if you’re a victim of domestic violence or intimate partner violence and even if you have perpetrated violence or are afraid of acting violently. Professionals will help you to evaluate the situation and find suitable forms of support for you and your loved ones.

Depending on your situation, you can contact the following during office hours:

Your own health center

Centre for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Youth Centre Klaara

Family Counselling Centre


Family Counselling by the Church

Victim Support Finland

Help is available at all times:

  • The Ostrobothnia Shelter, tel. 06 312 9666
  • Police and emergency response centre, tel. 112
  • Vaasa Central Hospital, on-call nurse, tel. 06 213 2009
  • Ostrobothnia social emergency service, tel. 06-218 9555

Nationwide free-of-charge Nollalinja (24/7), tel. 080 005 005, for anyone who has experienced psychological, physical, or sexual violence or a threat of violence in a close relationship.

Child and Family Social Work