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Social and crisis emergency service responds to the need for help from inhabitants as well as persons who find themselves in the region in circumstances that require a social welfare authority’s urgent action, urgent need of social services, or acute crisis relief.

The social and crisis emergency service can be contacted regarding the following matters:

• urgent child protection

• serious emergencies concerning individuals, families, or family members (fire, violence, or other accident)

• domestic violence and intimate partner violence

• rapid deterioration of an elderly person’s functional ability or wellbeing

• need for immediate assessment and/or assistance from a social welfare authority

Contact Information

You can contact the social emergency service via 06-218 9555 or the emergency response center 112

Tuija Hölsö, Leading Social Worker, tel. 040-1986494

Ostrobothnian Crisis Center Valo

The Ostrobothnia Shelter, Vaasa

Nollalinja Against Domestic Violence

Crisis Helpline MIELI

Victim Support Finland