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Who is it for?

The service is aimed at people whose physical, mental or social ability to function is impaired or at risk of impairment. Assessment and guidance, as well as the timely provision of rehabilitation, services and care to help them cope at home. Our clients are people over the age of 65 who live mainly at home and in service houses, and their relatives or others close to them.

We help with the following:

  • solving social welfare problems
  • problems with your family circumstances, housing or substance abuse
  • clarifying the financial situation (e.g. insufficient funds)
  • applying for a trustee

We also guide, advise and help relatives. We make home visits if necessary.

Take contact

Chief Social Worker, tel. +358 40 480 2264

Chief Social Worker 040 182 5268

  • City centre, Hietalahti, Vaskiluoto, Sundom, tel. 0400 985 914
  • Vöyrinkaupunki, Palosaari, Vetokannas, Kotiranta, Isolahti, Gerby, Västervik, tel. 040 757 3389
  • Asevelikylä, Purola, Huutoniemi, Teeriniemi, Melaniemi, Ristinummi, Vanha Vaasa, Höstvesi, Korkeamäki, Suvilahti, tel. 040 758 0336
  • Vähäkyrö 050 406 2513