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Social Work

By contacting a social worker, you can have your service needs assessed and be offered support in order to have a good and functioning everyday life based on your life situation. Social workers can assess the service needs of children, families, adults, and the elderly, and on the basis of the assessment offer services with the purpose of facilitating the clients’ everyday life.

Adult Social Welfare Services are aimed at over 18-year-olds who are in need of support. Contact a social worker to discuss your challenges and identify your service needs. You can also contact a social worker if you’re worried about a family member.
Adult Social Welfare Services provide help and support in everyday life, housing, and employment issues, and you can also discuss your or a family member’s substance abuse problems.
An outsider who is concerned about someone else’s wellbeing can submit a report if a person is in need of help.

Child and family social work may become necessary when problems arise in family situations. A family may contact a social worker to discuss their circumstances on their own initiative. A relation or someone else who is worried about a child’s wellbeing may also contact a social worker by making a notification/contact or a child welfare notification to social welfare services. Child and family social work provides help to the whole family with the child’s best interests at the core.

In social work for seniors, we support our clients in the region who have reached the age of 65 by informing them about various services, assessing their need for services and arranging help to make living at home successful, etc.