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Renovation of Närpiö Health Centre progressing – activities moving to J-building

The renovation of the Närpiö health centre is progressing and on Monday, 10 October, the nurses' clinic, infection clinic and physiotherapy department will start working in new, renovated facilities in the health centre’s J-building.

– Urgent and emergency care will continue to operate for another year in temporary facilities in the H0 corridor, as well as at the doctors’ clinic, advises Head Nurse Linda Ahlroos.

Care assessment will temporarily move from the so-called old health centre to the HO corridor from where you continue by taking a queue number, as before.

From the HO-door you can go to the care assessment unit, the urgent and emergency care unit and the doctors’ examination rooms. In the background you can see the entrance to the G-building, from where you can get to the information point.

Access to nurses’ outpatient clinic from J1 door

The J1 entrance is used by clients and patients. When entering from the direction of Kirkkotie (Kyrkovägen), the nurses’ reception rooms are now in the corridor on the left. The facilities in the right wing of the J-building will remain closed until the renovation is complete.

From the J1 entrance, you enter the lobby. The wing on the right is now closed for renovation. On the right, you can find the nurses’ reception rooms, and straight ahead you can reach the assistive equipment lending office and physiotherapy department.

– The nurses’ reception rooms are furnished and equipped in the same way. This means that everyone can work in all the rooms and the work will be smoother this way, says Ahlros.

– The equipment is different in only one of the nurses’ rooms, because a cardiologist works there once a month, says Doctor Anna-Maria Sandberg.

Directly ahead of the J1 entrance, you will find the physiotherapy department and the assistive equipment lending office. There are a few parking spaces in front of the entrance, but Ahlroos and Sandberg urge clients to park primarily in the larger parking area in front of the H and G entrances.

Osastonhoitaja Linda Ahlroos ja lääkäri Anna-Maria Sandberg seisovat valoisassa käytävässä.
Head Nurse Linda Ahlroos and Doctor Anna-Maria Sandberg are pleased with the newly renovated facilities. In the corridor of the J-building, you can now find the physiotherapy department and the assistive equipment lending office.

The entrance to the infectious diseases clinic (J2) is located behind the J-building. The infectious diseases clinic is only open in the afternoons.

– The door is locked, as before, but the nursing staff will open the door for patients who have an appointment. The corridor is closed to ensure there is no passage to other places, Ahlroos explains.

The J-building has been renovated and now there is also a quiet room, i.e. a peaceful space where relatives can say goodbye to a loved one who has departed.

Another year in temporary facilities

During the renovation that started in 2021, efforts have been made to change activities as little as possible, so that clients and patients could conduct their business and come in for treatment as easily as possible.

– We have found temporary, suitable premises for all activities with the exception of the X-ray department. The X-ray department will be put into use after the renovation is completed. Until then, X-ray examinations will be made in Kristiinankaupunki, says Sandberg.

Dental healthcare will continue in temporary facilities until the renovation in the F building is completed.

In the coming months, a new building will be built next to the J-building, which will house administration offices and an archive.

The building work and renovations of the Närpiö health centre are expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023. Ahlroos says that the clinics will then move to the spaces intended for them.