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Vaasa health station activities moving to new H-building

Health stations in the Vaasa region will start operating from the new H-building in mid-December. All activities at Kirkkopuistikko are now ending. Doctors’ and nurses’ clinics at Kirkkopuistikko will temporarily transfer to Tammikaivo health station before a final move to the H building in the central hospital area. The last department to end activities at Tammikaivo health station is the Urgent and Emergency Care clinic.

Activities at the Kirkkopuistikko health station will end on Monday, 5 December. The clinics and urgent care services of health stations in the entire Vaasa region, with the exception of Vähäkyrö, will move on Wednesday, 7 December to temporary premises at Tammikaivo health Station at Tammikaivontie 4. From Monday, 12 December Tammikaivo will only have an urgent and emergency service in operation.

The new H-building opens on Tuesday, 13 December and activities in the new building will then begin. Clinics will move there in stages. On Thursday, 15 December activities at the Tammikaivo health station will end completely, and all health station clinics will be centralised in the H-building in the future.

– Due to the move, we kindly ask customers to be patient when dealing with non-urgent matters, because we firstly prioritise urgent patient matters, reminds assistant chief physician Satu Kärki.

A customer can find out whether their appointment is at the H-building or at Tammikaivo from the invitation letter. If the place to meet is not mentioned in the letter, the customer will be notified separately. Prescription renewals will continue as before through the My Kanta website, from where the patient can choose their old health station.

The fracture outpatient clinic and the venereal diseases outpatient clinic will also move to the H building on Tuesday, 13 December. The contact information for both remains the same.

How to use the H-building

Treatment at the H-building is by appointment only. You can book an appointment for a doctor or nurse at the customer service centre at 06 218 9000. Our experts will assess the need and urgency of your treatment.

It is easy to get to the H-building on foot and by bicycle, as well as by car and bus. There are parking areas and a parking garage near the building, from which there is direct access to the building and parking is free. The nearest bus stops are only a short walk away. Local buses 1, 4, 5, 7 and 7K stop near the H-building. The main door of the building is located on the side closest to the street called Sanmarkinkatu.

After arriving at the H-building, you can register for your visit either with your own mobile device or with the registration machines found in the lobby and on the floors of the building. To register with the machine, you need a Kela card, a driver’s licence or an invitation letter. After registration, the mobile device or the machine will tell you which floor and room you will go to.

Welcome to the H-building!