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Welcome to study and intern at ÖVPH!

Vaasa Central Hospital is a significant teaching hospital, where healthcare students with different specializations carry out their internships. Students also complete their internships in other important units within the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia.

Internship experiences have a crucial impact on a student’s study motivation, which is why it’s important to invest in student counselling, learning support, and assessment.

The first step in this process is to offer students high-quality guidance and counselling. The units appoint guidance counsellors for every student already before the start of the internship. The counsellors are tasked with supporting the students’ learning, professional growth, and development during the internship.

Hygiene Rules

Remember general hygiene rules!

All students must watch the following video prior to their internship:


The student must be screened for MRSA before the start of his or her internship if:

  • The student has been a patient in a foreign hospital (during the past five years).
  • The student has worked/interned at a foreign hospital / medical care institution (during the past year).
  • The student has worked domestically at an MRSA endemic medical care institution (during the past year).
  • International students need to provide a recent result from a MRSA-screening before starting the internship, according to the criteria above.

Information about corona – students

The coronavirus is now seen as a common infectious disease and temporary § 48a expires on 31.12.2022. The coronavirus should be treated like other respiratory infections, but if the general condition worsens or the symptoms are serious, it is necessary to contact the healthcare system, as always with other diseases. After getting sick of corona, you can return to everyday life when the fever is gone and the symptoms have clearly decreased, as with ordinary flu and colds.

Read more from the link below:

Principles to be Respected in Health Care

  • Arrive on time to the workplace and follow the schedule (patients also value punctuality). Inform the internship unit if you become ill.
  • Lunch break is 20 (30) minutes. Agree on a suitable time. Coffee break is 1 x 10 minutes.
  • Remember to empty your workwear pockets before sending it to the laundry (documents containing personal data etc.).
  • We treat our patients and each other politely and properly, also on the phone.
  • We greet each other in the department/unit.
  • Perfume, jewellery, piercings, strong makeup, false nails, and snuff do not belong in care work!

Work clothes

Professional Secrecy and Confidentiality Agreement

Student Feedback (CLES)

You’re welcome to answer the student feedback survey (CLES). Answering is voluntary. By answering the survey, you contribute to the development of student guidance within the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia. We ask you to fill the survey (duration circa 20 minutes) during the last days of your internship, preferably after your final assessment. Please answer all the questions in one sitting because you cannot return to the survey.

The survey is carried out electronically via a secure connection in order to maintain anonymity because the respondents’ IP or email addresses are not collected in connection to the survey. Data that is collected in the survey is processed confidentially, and the name of your internship unit is necessary in order to direct your answers to the correct unit.

In addition to the development of student guidance, your answers can be used in research that HYKY/ÖVPH has a research permit for. The answers will also be used in national comparisons between different hospitals. By answering the survey, you consent to the use of your answers in research and in the aforementioned comparison of hospitals.

Used meters:

Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision + Teacher -Scale© Saarikoski M. 2002, Saarikoski M. et al. 2008, Strandell-Laine C. 2019

Student-Patient Relationship -Scale© Suikkala A. 2019

Oppiminen harjoittelussa -mittari© (Learning in Practical Training meter)

The National Student Guidance Development Network (ValOpe) 2019 Your background information, learning environment, role of the educational institution’s teachers, relationship between students and patients/clients, as well as how learning has been developed during the internship is mapped with the help of these meters.