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Balancing act with coronavirus continues in Ostrobothnia

The coronavirus epidemic situation in Ostrobothnia has remained steady but challenging for several weeks already. Infections are high and a large proportion of official coronavirus tests are positive. Due to the challenging epidemic situation, it has been decided to extend the face mask recommendation for a month.

“If you are now experiencing flu-like symptoms, they were probably caused by the coronavirus. The symptoms and their intensity are individual and vary a lot,” says the Director of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia, Marina Kinnunen.

Continuation of face mask recommendation

The face mask recommendation will continue in Ostrobothnia due to the challenging epidemic situation. The new recommendation will remain in force until 30 April. The use of a face mask will continue to be recommended in accordance with THL’s instructions for public indoor use and public transportation. In addition, event organisers and workplaces, for example, can provide their own instructions for using a face mask.

Only visit social welfare and healthcare units when healthy

The Coronavirus Coordination Group recalls that social welfare and healthcare units can only be visited by people in good health. Wards and units should not be visited by a person who knows they have been exposed to the coronavirus or a family member has the virus, for example.

“Recently, coronavirus infections have been reported in wards and housing units as a result of visitors to the units. Ensuring good hand hygiene and wearing a face mask throughout the visit reduces the risk of spreading the coronavirus and other viruses,” says Chief Physician Peter Nieminen.

Home testing is the primary testing method for children and those with coronavirus infections

Coronavirus infections are primarily confirmed by home tests. It is a good idea to keep home tests available at home in case someone in your family becomes ill and testing becomes necessary. The home test is also the primary form of testing for children. Children only need an official coronavirus test result if they belong to a risk group and suffer from severe symptoms, or if an official result is needed for a specific reason.

The home test is a reliable form of testing for individuals who relapse to coronavirus-like symptoms within 3 months of contracting the disease. A home test detects a new infection and stops showing a positive reading once the disease has been diagnosed. An official corona test, on the other hand, may show a positive reading still months after the illness, which is caused by a harmless viral residue.

Official testing continues by appointment only

The official coronavirus test is currently recommended for pregnant women, those working within social welfare and healthcare sectors, and those at risk of having severe coronavirus symptoms.

Coronavirus testing without an appointment is being phased out in Ostrobothnia. The drop-in test stations in Pietarsaari and Uusikaarlepyy will still be operational on Tuesday 29 March. The Vaasa Kasarmintori test station (in the former Barracks Area) will be closed after Saturday 9 April.

In the future, coronavirus testing will take place in all locations by appointment only. Information on testing stations and appointment instructions can be found on the Coronavirus testing and instructions webpage.

The epidemic situation on 29 March can be found on the Epidemic situation and recommendations webpage.