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Coronavirus situation worsening again – Record number of patients in wards

The coronavirus situation in Ostrobothnia has taken a significant turn for the worse after the autumn holidays. Currently, there is a record number of patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus and are receiving hospital care. At the same time, nursing staff are absent due to sickness. The situation affects the ability of the healthcare system to function and can slow down access to non-urgent treatment.

– The situation has become significantly more difficult in a short period of time and the number of infections has even tripled, says Chief Medical Officer Peter Nieminen.

At the beginning of the week, more than 60 patients were being treated in different wards in the county.

– In practice, there are varying numbers of patients in almost every ward. There is a big shortage of beds available, Nieminen adds.

In addition to the severe shortage of beds, the situation has also caused overcrowding in Accident & Emergency Clinics. Furthermore, other services, for example planned surgeries and other appointments, may have to be postponed. The situation affects non-urgent care in particular, as staff are being assigned for the most urgent patient cases.

The coronavirus situation is also affecting home care. Agreed visits are being made, but individual visits may be shorter than usual.

Coronavirus home tests are enough for most people

Most people who contract the coronavirus do not need the result of an official coronavirus test, since the result of a home test is enough. It is a good idea to have a supply of home tests available at home in case someone in the family becomes sick and testing becomes relevant.

The official coronavirus test is primarily only taken in certain specific cases, for example by pregnant women and employees from social welfare and healthcare who work with clients. Access to the official test is currently possible by appointment only.

More information about coronavirus testing and instructions for those who have been infected can be found on the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia website.

Stay home if you are sick and protect risk groups

The vast majority of those who contract the coronavirus can manage at home with symptomatic treatment. However, it is a good idea to call the number 116117 and discuss whether you should seek treatment if you feel noticeably worse and the symptoms become more severe.

It is also important to remember to protect those belonging to risk groups.

– It is a good idea to be careful when visiting those in risk groups. In addition, the use of a face mask is recommended, especially if there is a risk of exposure. You should not visit anyone if you have symptoms, reminds Nieminen.

Residents are encouraged to get vaccinated against the coronavirus

Coronavirus vaccines are still actively being given at vaccination clinics in Ostrobothnia. You can also receive the vaccine in conjunction with a flu vaccine. We especially encourage everyone over the age of 65 and people in risk groups to take the autumn booster dose.

Do this if you suspucet a coronavirus infection

• Take a coronavirus home test
• Remain in isolation for 5 days if the test is positive
• Notify those exposed
• Protect people in risk groups
• Monitor your symptoms and continue to isolate if necessary