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Coronavirus situation worsening in Ostrobothnia

The Pandemic Management Group of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia met on 1 August. At the meeting it was stated that the situation regarding the disease is worsening throughout the entire Ostrobothnian region as the new Omicron BA-5 variant spreads. The new variant is more easily contagious than before, which is why the disease is now spreading so effectively.

– The number of positive test results has clearly grown, commented Chief Medical Officer Peter Nieminen.

However, the exact number of infections can only be estimated, as vacationers have presumably taken home tests. This means that the total number of positive test results cannot be known accurately.

–  It is a good idea to do a home test if symptoms of the disease appear, so that social contacts can be avoided, reminds Nieminen

In addition, it is still good to remember to take care of hand hygiene and social distancing, and to use a face mask if necessary.

Although the general face mask recommendation has been discontinued, we still recommend using a face mask in situations where social distancing cannot be followed for a longer period of time,

urges Nieminen.

Fourth coronavirus vaccinations begin

The fourth round of coronavirus vaccinations will start in Ostrobothnia next week and appointments can already be booked. The target group for vaccinations are those who have reached the age of 60 and those in risk groups aged 18-69.

Instructions for booking an appointment can be found here.

The fourth vaccination dose can be given when at least three months have passed since the third dose. A case of coronavirus infection is equivalent to one vaccination dose. If you have received three vaccination doses and have contracted the coronavirus, you do not need a booster dose at the moment.