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General face mask recommendation ending in Ostrobothnia

The number of coronavirus infections in Ostrobothnia has started to decline in recent weeks. Although the hospital burden is still evident, the overall epidemic situation in the region appears to have improved. The Ostrobothnia Coronavirus Coordination Group decided to discontinue its general face mask recommendation at its meeting on Wednesday 20 April.

Face mask recommendation follows national guidelines

The long-valid general face mask recommendation will be discontinued on Wednesday, 20 April. The region will follow THL’s recent policy on the use of face masks.

In the future, the use of face masks is recommended in public indoor spaces and vehicles when a person is on the way for treatment or a test due to a suspected coronavirus infection, a person has flu-like symptoms, or when a person is known to have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Although the official face mask recommendation has been relaxed, a face mask can still be used at your own discretion in different situations.

“A face mask reduces the risk of developing various viral diseases, which is why, for example, people at risk can continue to benefit from wearing a face mask,” says Peter Nieminen, Chief Physician of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia.

The face mask recommendation for SOTE staff continues

The instructions on the use of face masks for members of staff working in social welfare and healthcare services (SOTE) will remain valid until the end of April. A decision on whether to continue using face masks in social welfare and healthcare units after April will be made next week. The use of face masks in customer and patient contact situations provides protection against droplet infections and reduces the risk of infection.

Instructions for patients remain valid

The Ostrobothnia Coronavirus Coordination Group is aware that there is still a lot of coronavirus being spread around despite the better epidemic situation. To protect yourself and others, it is important to maintain good hand hygiene and that you remain at home when sick. If coronavirus symptoms occur, contact outside the home should be avoided and teleworking (remote work), for example, would be the better option.

It is recommended that a coronavirus infection be confirmed primarily through a home test and, in certain situations, by an official coronavirus test. The official coronavirus test is recommended for pregnant workers in social welfare and healthcare patient or client work, as well as for people who are in coronavirus risk groups and who have severe symptoms. Detailed instructions on coronavirus infections can be found on our website.

All coronavirus testing stations in the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia operate by appointment only. A time for a test can be booked electronically or by telephone. Contact information for testing stations and booking instructions can be found on our website.

Residents praised for their responsible actions

The Coronavirus Coordination Group acknowledges that the face mask recommendation has been diligently followed in Ostrobothnia.

“I would like to thank the people of Ostrobothnia for wearing face masks and for taking other responsible actions during the epidemic. Coping with the coronavirus has required and continues to require the joint contribution of our residents,” says the Director of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia, Marina Kinnunen.