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Emergency care refers to the urgent care of a patient who is suddenly ill or injured outside a healthcare facility, as well as transportation of the patient to the most appropriate place for treatment.

The emergency medical services deal with patients who are seriously ill or injured. An assessment of their state of health and need for care is also performed in urgent situations. The most typical emergency tasks of the emergency medical services are e.g. breathing difficulties, chest pains, cerebrovascular disorders (e.g. strokes), as well as traffic accidents, tumbles and falls. Emergency medical services work in cooperation with other authorities on a daily basis, such as the Police, the Rescue Services and the Border Guard.

The situations dealt with by the emergency medical services do not always require the transportation of a patient to a hospital. Based on a situation assessment and an examination performed by healthcare professionals, the most suitable solution for the patient is selected. The patient can then sometimes remain at home or, if necessary, go to the Accident & Emergency Clinic, for example by taxi, once an examination has been made, any necessary treatment has been given on site and a doctor’s consultation has been made.

Ambulance transportation is only necessary if the patient’s condition requires constant monitoring or medication, or the need for access to a care facility is otherwise urgent. The patient is transported to the hospital when, after an assessment of their condition, the illness or injury requires further treatment in the hospital and other forms of transportation, for example by taxi, are not possible.

The emergency medical services in the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia are run entirely as a separate activity. Cooperation within emergency medical services is being developed with the Ostrobothnian Rescue Department.

Emergency care manager Tom Smedlund tel. 044 323 1457

Leading doctor Taneli Väyrynen tel. 06 213 5319  

Head nurse Saija Seppelin tel. 06 213 4302