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The treatment of type 1 and challenging type 2 diabetics is centralized to the Diabetes Unit’s Vaasa and Jakobstad offices or to Vaasa Central Hospital’s Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic.

Follow-up visits are arranged individually with regard to e.g. the duration of diabetes, type of treatment, age of the diabetic, and his or her other illnesses.

Depending on individual needs, the diabetic receives a blood glucose meter and test strips, a ketone meter and test strips, lancets, glucose sensors, and insulin pump materials in accordance with his or her individual assessment.

Diabetes refers to a group of metabolic energy disorders associated with a high blood sugar level. The cause of the increase in blood sugar is either a disturbance of insulin secretion, a decrease in the effect of insulin (insulin resistance) or both.

Diabetes is detected using a fasting glucose test, glucose tolerance test or an HbA1c test.

Before the fasting glucose test, you must fast (not eat) for 12 hours. In the glucose tolerance test, a blood sample is first taken, the so-called fasting blood sugar level, after which a liquid containing glucose is drunk, and after 2 hours the blood sugar level is measured again. HbA1c (so-called long-term blood sugar level) does not require fasting.

n Finland, about 500,000 people suffer from diabetes, of which 400,000 have type 2 diabetes and about 53,000 have type 1 diabetes. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed in one in five mothers.

There are about 10,000 people with diabetes in the municipalities belonging to the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia.

The WHO classification for different types of diabetes:

  • type-1 diabetes: due to insulin-producing β-cell destruction in the pancreas as a result of an autoimmune inflammation, leading to a total insulin deficiency.
  • type-2 diabetes: a number of diseases in which either insulin function is impaired (insulin resistance) or insulin secretion is disturbed, or both.
  • gestational diabetes: due to an increased need for insulin, due to hormonal changes, which the body cannot respond to with sufficient insulin production.
  • secondary diabetes: e.g. pancreatitis, post-pancreatic surgery, hemochromatosis (iron overload disorder)

In addition, several other forms of diabetes are known to exist:

  • LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults): a condition that begins in adulthood, much slower than type 1 diabetes, which usually leads to insulin deficiency.
  • MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young): a so-called monogenic form of diabetes with a genetic defect in one of the individual MODY genes. These genetic defects often cause diabetes already at an early age.

According to Current Care Guidelines, the main goals for diabetes treatment and self-care guidance are:

  • to support the patient’s physical, mental and social wellbeing and readiness to influence their own wellbeing without unnecessary restrictions
  • to prevent acute complications (including severe hypoglycaemia and ketoacidosis) and deaths caused by them
  • to prevent symptoms due to hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia
  • to prevent long-term micro- (retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy) and macrovascular complications with good treatment of the components found in blood sugar and metabolic syndrome.

Municipal diabetes clinics have reduced reception activity during the time-period between June to August 18th 2024

Phone hours of diabetes nurses are functioning normally.

Tammikaivontie 4, Building 2, 65100 Vaasa

Open: Monday–Thursday 8.00–16.00, Friday 8.00–12.00

Secretary 040 480 9366 (for general matters, not classified information)

Diabetes Nurse

Reception: Monday–Friday

Phone hours: Monday–Friday 10.00–11.00

040 573 8679, 040 646 2135

Tammikaivo Health Station

Tammikaivontie 4, 65100 Vaasa

Reception: Monday–Tuesday and Thursday–Friday

Phone hours: Monday–Tuesday and Thursday 13.00–14.00

040 624 1426

Gerby Health Station and Ristinummi Health Station

Tammikaivontie 4, Building 2, 2nd Floor, 65100 Vaasa

Reception: Monday–Friday

Phone hours: Monday–Thursday 13.00–14.00

040 182 4957

Kirkkopuistikko Health Station

Tammikaivontie 4, Building 2, 2nd Floor, 65100 Vaasa

Reception: Monday–Friday

Phone hours: Monday–Thursday 13.00–14.00

040 773 1189

Vähäkyrö Health Station

Vähänkyröntie 18, 66500 Vähäkyrö

Phone hours: Monday–Friday 10.30- 11.30

06 325 8500

Pietarsaari Diabetes Clinic is closed on Fridays from July 1th to 28st of July 2024.
Phone hours of diabetes nurses are functioning normally.

Diabetes Clinic Kållbyvägen 7 P.O. Box 111, 68601 Jakobstad Entrance D

Open: Monday–Thursday 8.00–16.00, Friday 8.00–14.00

Diabetes Clinic Office Department Secretary Phone hours: Monday–Friday 9.30–11.00
06 786 1550

Reception: Monday–Friday
Malmska Health Center

Phone hours to diabetes nurse:
Monday: 8-9 am and 12-13 pm
Tuesday: 12-14 pm
Wednesday: 8-9 am and 12-13 pm
Thursday: 8-9 am and 12 -13 pm
Friday: 8-9 am
06 786 1550

Phone hours to secretary
Monday-Friday 9:30-11:00
06 786 1550

Phone hours: Monday–Friday 8.00–9.00 and 12.00–13.00, Friday 8.00–9.00

06 786 1550

Esse Welfare Station Bärklarsvägen 3, 68810 Ytteresse

Reception: Monday–Tuesday

Phone hours: Monday–Tuesday 8.00–9.00 050 323 8067

Oravais Health Center
Öurvägen 25, 66800 Oravais
Reception: Monday–Tuesday and Friday
Phone hours: Monday-Thursday 12.00–12.30 050 056 4020

Vörå Health Station
Läkarvägen 3, 66600 Vörå
Reception: Wednesday–Thursday
Phone hours: Monday-Thursday 12.00–12.30 050 056 4020

Korsholm Health Center Gamla Karperövägen 17 B, 65610 Korsholm
Reception: Monday–Friday
Phone hours: Monday–Friday 8.00–12.30
06 218 4267
Call-back: 12.00–13.00

Malax-Korsnäs Health Center

Stampvägen 2, 66100 Malax

Reception: Monday–Tuesday and Thursday

Phone hours: Monday–Thursday 12.00–13.00

040 650 8028

Korsnäs Hälsogård

Norrbyvägen 9, 66200 Korsnäs

Reception: Wednesday

Närpes Health Center Kyrkvägen 664200

Närpes Reception: Monday–Friday

Phone hours: monday-thursday 12-13 pm

040 674 6012

Kaskinen Health Center Sulkukatu 11 A, 64260

Kaskinen Diabetes Reception: Tuesday–Thursday

Phone hours: Monday–Friday 13.00–14.00

045 232 3200, 050 343 5772

Bottenhavets Hälsa – Selkämeren Terveys, Medical Service

Lappfjärdsvägen 10, 64100 Kristinestad

Diabetes Reception: Tuesday–Thursday

Phone hours: Tuesday–Thursday 15.00–16.00

040 675 5030

Laihia Health Station

Vallinmäentie 43, 66400 Laihia

Phone hours: 10.30–11.30

06 325 8323

Kruunupyy (Kronoby) healt care station
Säbrontie 1, 65800 Kruunupyy
Phone hours: Monday-Friday 14-15
040 806 5700, 040 806 5800, 040 806 5900