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Contraception Clinic 

At the Contraception Clinic, we will help you to find the most suitable method of birth control for you. We will help you to start using the method of contraception and carry out follow-up checks. In addition, you can get advice and help with any problems related to prevention. 

For contraceptive counselling, students should turn primarily to the school nurse or to the Contraception Clinic. Secondary  school pupils (such as high schools and vocational schools) have access to Contraception Clinic or student healthcare services, while polytechnic and university students turn primarily to the Student Health Service (FSHS). 

Free contraception for young people under the age of 25

All young people living in Ostrobothnia and under the age of 25 are entitled to free contraception.

The aim is to arrange comprehensive contraception services that include counselling to promote sexual health and wellbeing as well as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, ie. venereal diseases, and unwanted pregnancies.

Get in touch with your own municipality’s contraception counselling service. Contact details are found further down.

Students should contact the Finnish Student Health Service via their own web site and receive instructions from there regarding free contraception.

Free contraception includes all contraceptives such as intrauterine devices (IUD), contraceptive capsules, patches and rings, birth control pills, condoms and oral dams. Insertion of intrauterine devices and implants is made at the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia’s units.

Sexual counselling

Sexual counselling is for residents of all ages, both in relationships and singles, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Sexuality is a particularly private and intimate area of life and therefore it is generally considered very difficult to talk about issues related to it. Sexuality is a part of life, humanity, gender identity, as well as self and body image. Every human being is sexual and every human sexuality is unique. Events in childhood and adolescence, culture, relationship problems, beliefs and misunderstandings, as well as illnesses, ailments and their treatment can affect sexual health and wellbeing.

At the clinic, you are allowed to raise all matters related to sexuality in confidence. We deal with issues that you wish to raise as the client. Talking together aims to create a positive relationship with yourself and your own sexuality as well as your potential relationship.

Contact information further below. When in need of sexual counselling please contact your local Family Planning Clinic.

• sexual dysfunction, such as arousal and orgasm disorders
• sexual reluctance or different desires in the relationship
• intercourse pains
• sensitive ejaculation
• erectile dysfunction
• intimacy-related anxiety or performance pressures
• difficulties accepting your body
• issues relating to your own sexual and gender identity
• problems related to aging
• sexual trauma
• relationship problems
• sexual issues related to illness or surgery
• fears associated with gynaecological examinations
• sexuality and relationship issues during pregnancy or after childbirth


If pregnancy has not started after a year of regular trying, it may be appropriate to seek infertility tests. In the Contraception Clinic, we carry out preliminary surveys and examinations as well as give you referrals for further examinations.


If the pregnancy is unwanted and you consider an abortion you can contact the Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic directly. You don´t need a referral from the Health Centre any more since the legislation on abortion changed 1.9.2023. You can find contact information from the link below. 

Cervical cancer screening 

Cervical cancer screening (HPV test) usually takes place at the Contraception Clinic. All women between the ages of 30 and 65 are invited to HPV tests every five years. 

We also take HPV samples from women, who use contraception and from pregnant women until week 35 of pregnancy. 

You will receive an invitation letter to HPV test by post or to your OmaPosti mailbox. In the invitation letter, you will receive additional information and a preliminary information form for the sampling. Appointment booking via Fimlab: 

You can find more information about cervical cancer screening here: 

Assessment of a minor’s ability to make decisions about their treatment

Children have the right to participate in decision-making concerning the management of their affairs in accordance with their level of development.

You can read more here.

Payment for non-cancelled or late cancelled booking

You must cancel your appointment no later than the previous working day. For late cancellations or no-show appointments, we withhold the right to charge a fee according to our current pricing policy. The fee is charged to everyone over the age of 18. No fee is charged, if there is a valid reason for not cancelling the appointment, such as a medical certificate.

Contact information 

(find your contact information by clicking on your municipality)

Telephone numbers and hours

Contraception Telephone Counselling, weekdays 10:00-11:00
tel. 050 323 1340

Sexual counselling and therapy, telephone hours Mon-Thu 11:00-11:30
tel. 050 502 3109, midwife Johanna Nylund


Maternity and Contraception Clinic Pietarsaari
Kolpintie 7 / Pohjanlahdentie 1, Entrance H, 1st floor
(Waiting room Heidi, former Gynaecological Outpatient Clinic)
Pb 111
68601 Pietarsaari

Telephone numbers and hours

Oravainen Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 09:30–10:00
tel. 050 597 8458

Vöyri Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 09:30-10:00
tel. 050 563 9027

Maksamaa Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 09:30-10:00
tel. 050 597 8458 (Oravainen) tai 050 563 9027 (Vöyri)


Oravainen Maternity and Contraception Clinic
Öurintie 25
66800 Oravainen

Vöyri Maternity and Contraception Clinic
Lääkärintie 3
66600 Vöyri

Telephone number and hours

Mustasaari Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 09:00–09:30
tel. 06 218 4003

Electronic services

You can book a telephone appointment online:


Mustasaari Maternity and Contraception Clinic
Mustasaari Health Centre, entrance C 
Vanha Karperöntie 17B
65610 Mustasaari 

Telephone numbers and hours

Appointment booking, weekdays 09:00-11:00 and 12:30-13:00
tel. 06 218 1412

Public Health Nurse, counselling and free contraception customers under the age of 25, weekdays 09:00-10:00 and 12:30-13:00
tel. 06 218 1411

Sexual counselling, Vaasa
tel. 040 5116380, Eva-Maria Rajamäki

You can cancel your appointment by sending an SMS to 040 671 8134. Please provide your name, date of birth and time to be cancelled. If you do not receive a response message, your cancellation did not arrive. In that case, please contact us again. 


Vaasa Contraception Clinic
Tammikaivontie 4, building 3, 4th floor
65100 Vaasa

Entrance from the pond side (map). 

Electronic services 

Residents of Vaasa can book an appointment online to a public health nurse. (Note: Doctor’s appointment only by telephone from the appointment booking number.) 

To make an appointment to your nurse, follow these steps: 

  • contraception; 60 min when you want a pill, a coil or a capsule 
  • changing contraception method; 60 min if you are not satisfied with your current contraception and want to change the method 
  • changing contraception; 60 min if you are a new client at the Family Planning Clinic and you are satisfied with your current method of contraception 
    * control time 45 min‚ if you already have a treatment relationship with the Family Planning Clinic in Vaasa and need a new prescription for the current contraception 

If you are English-speaking, please contact us by telephone! 

Telephone numbers and hours

Laihia Contraception Clinic, weekdays 11:00-11:30
tel. 040 184 2313/ 040 703 3298

Electronic services

You can book an appointment for family planning online:


Laihia Contraception Clinic
Vallinmäentie 43 
66400 Laihia 

Telephone number and hours

Maalahti Maternity and Contraception Clinic, Tue–Fri at 12:00–12:30
tel. 050 530 5248


Maalahti Maternity and Contraception Clinic
Maalahti-Korsnäs Health Station
Tamppitie 2
66100 Maalahti

Telephone number and hours

Korsnäs Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 12:00–12:30
tel. 050 464 1646


Korsnäs Maternity and Contraception Clinic
Health Station
Norrbyntie 9
66200 Korsnäs

Telephone number and hours

Närpiö Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 09:30–10:00
tel. 06 224 9440

Electronic services

Electronic services available in Finnish and Swedish.


You can also leave a call-back request on weekdays at 08:00–12:00 and you will be called back no later than the next working day.


Närpiö Maternity and Contraception Clinic
Family Service Center
Närpiöntie 4
64200 Närpiö

Telephone numbers

Public health nurse Gerd Metsäranta, tel. 045 129 59 13 

Kaskinen Health Care Station, tel. 045 232 2200


Kaskinen Contraceptive Clinic 
Sulkukatukatu 11 A 
64260 Kaskinen

Telephone number and hours

Kristiinankaupunki Maternity and Contraception Clinic, weekdays 08:30-09:30
tel. 06 218 6012

Electronic services

You can book visits to the following receptions at the contraception clinic:

  • Start of contraceptive medication
  • Distribution of free contraceptives for individuals under 25 years old
  • Follow-up visits

Please book an appointment via phone for insertion, change or removal of a contraceptive implant or intrauterine device (IUD).


Kristiinankaupunki Maternity and Contraception Clinic 
Lapväärtintie 10 
64100 Kristiinankaupunki 

Head Nurses, Maternity and Contraception Clinics

Deputy Maria Pettersson,
Kruunupyy, Luoto, Pietarsaari, Pedersöre, Uusikaarlepyy, Vöyri, Mustasaari

Marjaana Carlsson,
Vaasa, Laihia, Maalahti-Korsnäs, Närpiö

Senior Nurse Susann Granlund, tel. 044 424 9105,