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Activities of the Maternity Clinic

You can take contact to your local Maternity Clinic already in early pregnancy, when your period has stopped. The prenatal first visit to the Maternity Clinic happens usually at the 8th or 9th week of pregnancy. Your partner is also welcome to the consultation visits.

During pregnancy, you usually visit the nurse or midwife 8-9 times. These pregnancy visits include one extensive health check-up and at least two medical check-ups. A home visit is provided after delivery. The postpartum examination is performed either by a doctor or a trained nurse or midwife. In addition to these visits, additional visits will be arranged according to individual needs.

Recognition of paternity is done primarily at the Maternity Clinic, and secondarily through a child supervisor. Recognition of paternity does not apply to a married couple, as paternity is determined by the mother’s marriage. Every third child is born into a cohabiting family. In these families, biological paternity is most often evident, and the partner wants to acknowledge the child’s paternity. In this case, a separate visit to a child supervisor after the birth is not required.

Most cohabiting men can acknowledge their biological paternity at the Maternity Clinic already before the child is born (since the beginning of 2016). General information about recognition of paternity will be given to expecting parents during a consultation visit. Recognition can be made when the pregnancy has progressed beyond the 25th week. The father acknowledges paternity to the nurse / midwife in person in the presence of the expectant mother, and with the mother’s consent at the clinic where she has visited.

In the recognition event, the identity of both the mother and father will be verified with an appropriate identity card. Both need to understand the meaning and legal implications of recognition.

Confirmation of paternity creates a legally valid relationship. The child’s parents are liable for maintenance and the child is entitled to maintenance until the age of 18. Even after that, the child is entitled to maintenance for education, if it is reasonable. The child will have the right to inherit from the father’s and father’s family, as well as the right to the father’s surname.

The Digital and Population Data Service Agency confirms paternity. The process of paternity proceedings is transferred from the Maternity Clinic to the child’s supervisor, and from there on to the magistrate for confirmation. Pre-recognised paternity can be revoked within 30 days of the child’s birth by notifying the child supervisor. After this 30-day period, the child supervisor will process the matter and refer the confirmation of paternity to the magistrate.

The Digital and Population Data Service Agency sends the decision on confirmation of paternity by post directly to the parents. The Digital and Population Data Service Agency may not confirm paternity if there is reason to suspect the paternity of the acknowledger. Once paternity is confirmed, the child supervisor confirms the joint custody agreement and mails it to the parents.

It is not possible to agree on single care, maintenance, visitation rights or housing at the Maternity Clinic. If necessary, these matters will be agreed with the child supervisor after the child is born.

Family Coaching

Family coaching is provided to families expecting their first child. The aim is to prepare the family for childbirth, breastfeeding, childcare, upbringing and parenting. In addition, the goal is to strengthen parents’ knowledge and skills about childcare, parenting, health, and healthy habits.

Your own Maternity Clinic provides more information about the time and implementation of family coaching. On the link below, you can also participate in family coaching (in Finnish or Swedish) at the Maternity Clinic in Vaasa, which will currently take place fully online.

You can also find a lot of useful family coaching information in English and other languages via the link below. You can learn for example about exercise, intoxicants and nutrition during pregnancy, when to go to hospital for labour, breastfeeding and low mood after childbirth.

The prenatal class is meant for you who are expecting your first child. The best time to attend the class is from pregnancy week 32 onwards. The class is held by a midwife working on the delivery ward. The class provides information about the different stages of labour and you practise breathing- and relaxation exercises.

The class is held at Vaasa Central Hospital or as online classes through Teams. You will find more information and registration instructions via the following link.

Prenatal Class

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland provides information about prenatal screening on its website:

Payment for non-cancelled or a late cancelled booking. If you are unable to come for a scheduled visit, you must cancel your appointment no later than the previous working day. If you do not cancel your booking and fail to arrive, you will be charged a fee of EUR 51.50. The fee is charged to anyone over the age of 18. No fee will be charged if there is a valid reason for not cancelling the booked time.

Contact information

Maternity and Contraceptive Clinic in Alaveteli

Misterhultintie 4
68410 Alaveteli

tel. 040 489 2306 or 040 489 2307, telephone hours from 10:30-11:30 

Maternity clinic and Family Planning: Mon–Fri from 08:00-11:00, tel. 06 786 1230,

Maternity Clinic Pietarsaari: Kolpintie 7 / Pohjanlahdentie 1, Pl 111, 68601 Pietarsaari, Entrance H, 1st floor

Maternity Clinic Luoto: Health Station, Pajutie 2B, 68570 Luoto

Maternity Clinic at Ähtävä: Health Station, Bärklarintie 3, 68810 Ytteresse

Maternity Clinic Pännäinen: Health Station, Vaasantie 1, 68910 Pännäinen

Maternity Clinic Uusikaarlepyy: Mathesiuksenkatu 9, Entrance C, 66900 Uusikaarlepyy

Telephone hours weekdays from 09:00-10:00

Maternity Clinic Maksamaa, tel. 050 511 8853, Lötvägen 7, 66640 Maksamaa

Maternity Clinic Oravainen, tel. 050 597 8458, Öurintie 25, 66800 Oravainen

Maternity Clinic Vöyri, tel. 050 563 9027, Lääkärintie 3, 66600 Vöyri

Maternity Clinic Mustasaari (Sepänkylä)
Health Centre, Entrance C
Vanha Karperöntie 17 B, 65610 Mustasaari

Book your first telephone time at the Mustasaari Maternity Clinic online.

Your own nurse / midwife provides telephone nursing services on weekdays from 09:30-10.00. The telephone number is written on your maternity clinic card.

For any other issues, please call the nurses during the telephone hours:

I public health nurse, tel. 06 218 4092

II public health nurse, tel. 06 218 4096

III public health nurse, tel. 06 218 4102

IV public health nurse, tel. 06 218 4063

Telephone hours for the public health nurse are from 11:00-11:30.

Maternity counselling is centralised at Tammikaivontie 4, Building 3, 3rd floor, with the exception of the Maternity Clinic in Vähäkyrö.

Gerby, Isolahti, Pukinjärvi, Vetokannas and Västervik
I public health nurse, tel. 040 187 1812
II public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5186

Hietalahti, Suvilahti and Korkeamäki
I public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5207
II public health nurse, tel. 040 179 9575

Huutoniemi, Teeriniemi, Melaniemi, Purola, Asevelikylä, Haapaniemi and Impivaara
I public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5179
II public health nurse, tel. 040 136 9143

Palosaari, Metsäkallio, Koskisuo, Kotiranta, Kivihaka, Vöyrinkaupunki and Länsiniitty
I public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5187
II public health nurse, tel. 040 187 6635

Keskusta, Sundom, Ristinummi, Vanha Vaasa, Runsor, Kråklund, Kappelinmäki and Höstvesi
I public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5161
II public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5135

Fax 06 317 1014

Vähäkyrö Health Station, Vähänkyröntie 18
public health nurse, tel. 040 482 5207

Fax 06 312 1005

Electronic services

Log in to the eTerveyspalvelu-portaali (eHealth service portal) with online banking IDs or a mobile certificate. For ordering, the electronic transaction agreement must be filled in under Forms. Messages can be sent and read under Messages.

If you have technical problems using the eHealth service, send an e-mail to

Laihia Health Station
Vallinmäentie 43
66400 Laihia

You can book an appointment at the Maternity Clinic by calling the nurse on 040 184 2313 from 11:00-11:30. You can also ask the clinic for the results of specific laboratory tests.

Electronic services

At the Maternity Clinic, the client can send and receive web messages to / from the nurse using electronic services.

Maternity Clinic

Maalahti-Korsnäs Health Station, Tamppitie 2, 66100 Maalahti

Maalahti Maternity Clinic : Mon–Thu from 12:00–12:30, tel. 050 530 5248

Petolahti Maternity Clinic: Thu–Fri from12:00–12:30, tel. 040 650 8029

Bergö Maternity Clinic: Fri from 12:00–12:30, tel. 040 650 8029

Health Centre, Norrbyntie 9, 66200 Korsnäs

Maternity Clinic: Mon–Fri from 12:00–12:30, tel. 050 464 1646

Maternity Clinic, Närpiöntie 4, 64200 Närpiö

Mothers living in Kaskinen are served at the Närpiö Maternity Clinic.

Phone hours: Mon–Fri from 09:30–10:00

Tel. 06 218 7601 / maternity clinic

You can also leave a call-back request Mon–Fri from 08:00–12:00 and you will be called back no later than the next working day.

Maternity Clinic
Lapväärtintie 10
64100 Kristiinankaupunki

Appointment booking and telephone counselling Mon–Fri from 08:30–09:30, tel. 06 218 6012

Anna Andtfolk, tel. 040 1983868
Esmy Nevala, tel. 040 0847760

Ylihoitaja Susann Granlund, tel. 044 424 9105,