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Welcome to the Maternity Outpatient Clinic

The Maternity Clinic operates by appointment bookings, and upon receipt of your referral, we will invite you to the outpatient clinic by letter or, in urgent cases, by telephone. An outpatient fee will be charged for the visit.

Always take your maternity card with you. If necessary, regular counselling tests (blood pressure and urine sample) and CTG (heart rate curve) will be taken. At the doctor’s office, you can discuss matters related to your pregnancy. Almost everyone will also have an ultrasound scan to check the condition, supply and size of the fetus. The doctor will usually do an internal examination to assess the condition of the uterus.

In order to create the most peaceful examination situation possible, we hope that no children will be present in the examination room.

Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy

Midwives at the Maternity Clinic perform screening ultrasound examinations, which are voluntary and free of charge. The clinic will give you information about your ability to take part in the tests. It is important that you have already thought about which of them you want to participate in and what they mean.

Appointments will be booked by the clinic and sent to your home by post.

For more information on examinations consult your nurse / midwife and the Maternity Clinic during examinations.

To ensure a peaceful examination situation, we hope that no more than one adult and no children are present in the room.

If you fear childbirth and you do not get sufficient help from the Maternity Health Clinic, you may be referred to the Fear of Childbirth Outpatient Clinic.

If you are afraid of giving birth and you feel that you need additional support, you may be referred to the Fear of Childbirth Outpatient Clinic. A referral to the Fear of Childbirth Outpatient Clinic is always needed.

The team includes a doctor and a midwife, as well as a psychologist if necessary. Together we will go through your fears and concerns on an individual basis, and we can plan a little for your future birth as well. The visit is liable for a fee.

The Fear of Childbirth Outpatient Clinic operates in connection with the Maternity Outpatient Clinic (A8) and the Delivery Room (B4) at Vaasa Central Hospital.

Opening hours

Weekdays from 08:00-15:00

Tel. 06 213 2032

You can come to the Breastfeeding Outpatient Clinic for help with effective breastfeeding. The goal is to provide support and help breastfeeding for all mothers. Appointments at the Breastfeeding Outpatient Clinic are free of charge for all mothers.

You can apply for a place at the outpatient clinic from the outpatient ward, the Children’s Ward, through a Maternity Clinic, or by booking an appointment from a breastfeeding helpline at home.

In case of problems with breastfeeding, call the breastfeeding support telephone on 044 3232072 (around the clock, if the telephone is not answered, call again later)

Location of the Breastfeeding Clinic: A8 (the Maternity Outpatient Clinic at Vaasa Central Hospital)

Opening hours

Mondays and Thursdays from 08:30-15:00

Note! Do not bring any siblings with you to the Clinic.

The outpatient clinic treats expectant mothers with substance abuse problems due to drug, medicine or alcohol addiction. Referrals to the clinic are made for all active or recent drug users.

The expectant mother usually has four visits to the Maternity Outpatient Clinic during pregnancy; Weeks 12 and 21 to midwife (screening ultrasound examination) and weeks 28 and 34 (36) to the doctor.

The HAL Outpatient Clinic is located on the 8th floor of Building A at Vaasa Central Hospital (A8, Maternity Outpatient Clinic).

The mother will be treated in collaboration with outpatient care and social welfare, and joint network meetings will be organised during the pregnancy.

The purpose of treatment is to ensure a safe start to life for the new-born.

Contact information

See contact information for the Maternity Clinic at Vaasa Central Hospital

Payment for non-cancelled or a late cancelled booking. If you are unable to come for a scheduled visit, you must cancel your appointment no later than the previous working day. If you do not cancel your booking and fail to arrive, you will be charged a fee of EUR 51.50. The fee is charged to anyone over the age of 18. No fee will be charged if there is a valid reason for not cancelling the booked time.

Contact information

Location: A8

Opening hours: On weekdays from 08:00-15:00

Office: On weekdays from 14:00-15:00, tel. 06 213 2022, telephone hours on weekdays from 14:00-15:00

Fax: 06 213 2028

Ultrasound scans tel. 06 213 2023 (Mon and Thu from 14:00-15:00)

Last minute cancellations due to illness to secretary tel 06 212 2021

Maternity Outpatient Clinic
Kolpintie 7/Pohjanlahdentie 1
PO Box 111, 68601 Pietarsaari
Entrance H, 1st floor

Midwife, questions about treatments, changing booked appointments, Mon–Fri from 08:15-09:00 , tel. 06 786 2443

Last minute cancellations due to illness to secretary tel. 06 786 2143

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