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Outpatient clinics

We study and treat patients with various neurological diseases, e.g. epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, MS, cerebrovascular disorders, memory problems and muscle diseases.

The outpatient clinic for ear, nose and throat diseases is where we treat patients for various ailments, diseases and injuries of the ear, nose and throat, perform surgical assessments and outpatient procedures. 

The Paediatric Outpatient Clinic operates as a referral outpatient clinic. At the outpatient clinic, we examine and treat children and adolescents aged 0-16 who need specialised medical treatment. The Paediatric Outpatient Clinic provides many admissions for a variety of problems and illnesses.

Asthma nurses are responsible for asthma counselling, and you can visit their office for a diagnosis and follow-up of your asthma or COPD diagnosis.

We treat patients for various specialist needs.

We study and treat patients with various lung diseases in a variety of ways. A large number of our patients come for sleep apnoea investigations and treatment. The outpatient clinic also treats long-term respiratory failure due to various causes with different respiratory support treatments.